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The 8 Best Swim Belts For Children – Guidebook

A swimming belt can help your child learn to swim. It provides freedom of movement so that swimming movements can be practiced in peace, and depending on how far your child is one element is always removed until the child can swim completely on its own.

Our checklist rklärt you, what is important when buying everything and what you should absolutely pay attention to. The top 8 recommendations of swimming belts you get finally below.

Swimming Belt Checklist

  • Swimming belts are suitable for children from the age of about 2 years.
  • You can use a swim belt as a swimming aid for your child when they can keep their head above water independently.
Size and Weight
  • A swimming belt can be optimally adjusted to the child’s weight and size.
  • Most swim belts have styrofoam or foam elements that can be individually removed from the ring.
  • This allows the buoyancy of the belt to be optimally adjusted according to the weight of the child.
  • Some manufacturers divide the swim belts into different weight and age classes:
  • Class A: For children up to 3 years and a weight of 18 kg
  • Class B: For children up to 12 years
  • Class C: For teenagers and adults over 12 years of age
  • The great advantage of swimming belts is that they allow your child a large amount of arm and leg room.
  • This allows him/her to practice swimming movements exactly as he/she will need them later to swim independently
  • When putting on the harness, you should make sure that it sits at stomach level and not at the hips.
  • It should also fit tightly so that it cannot slip.

Here you can find the top 8 most popular swimming belts for kids.

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The Best Sellers Of Swimming Belts

We have compiled the most popular swimming belts for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Swimming Belt

Here you will find a selection of current offers for swimming belts.

FAQ About Swimming Belts

How to put on a swimming belt?

The swimming belt should sit firmly at stomach level. Then it can not slip and offers your child optimal support while swimming.

Swimming belt for children: how to wear?

The swim belt should sit at stomach level for children in order to keep them optimally above water. In addition, the swim belt should fit tightly enough so that it is comfortable for your child, but also so that it cannot slip.

Which is better, the water wings or the swimming belt?

There is no general answer to this question. It is important that your child feels safe with the swimming aid. The great advantage of swimming belts is that they allow your child a great freedom of movement of the arms. Floatation wings, on the other hand, sit firmly on the arms and keep the upper body above water.

From when on swimming belts?

In principle, a swimming belt can be worn from the age of 2. However, it is important that your child can keep his or her head above water independently. As a rule, a swimming belt is used when the child is 4 to 5 years old.

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