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The 15 Best Board Games For Kids – Guidebook

Board games are a classic family evening and a great activity in bad weather. Not only do your kids have fun, but they also improve their concentration and strategic thinking. However, the selection of board games is enormous. To help you keep track, we have compared various board games and filtered out the best ones. You can find out more about our product recommendations. Everything else you should consider about board games for kids, we have listed in our checklist below.

Checklist For Board Games For Children

Family Time
  • Board games are great fun for kids and adults alike.
  • When the weather is bad, board games are a great alternative for family time together at game night.
  • In addition, board games serve as a balance to modern entertainment technologies like tablets, televisions, and computers. Instead of always sitting in front of a screen, togetherness comes back to the forefront.
Learning Effect
  • In order to stay on the ball, your child must focus and follow the course of the game as well as the rules of the game exactly, in this way the board game is not only fun but also promotes the ability of your child to concentrate.
  • If it is a very extensive game with a complex set of rules, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills are also promoted.
  • Without even realizing it, your child learns to understand and follow rules through play.
  • Just as importantly, your child learns to deal with defeat and move on. In this way, your child develops strong frustration tolerance.
Age Recommendation
  • Note: You should follow the manufacturer’s warnings and age recommendations for safety reasons.
  • Some games children under the age recommendation can already understand, but the game duration exceeds the developmental concentration span. Therefore, pay attention to the manufacturer’s age recommendation even for games without safety hazards (e.g. small parts).
  • Development is individual, and interests also differ from child to child. It is perfectly okay if certain games are not interesting or are not played at all or only a few years later (despite suitable age recommendation).

Here you can find the top 15 most popular board games.

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The Best Sellers Of Board Games

We have compiled the most popular board games for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Board Games

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the board games section.

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USAOPOLY TAPPLE® Word Game | Fast-Paced Family Board Game | Choose a Category & Race Against The Timer to be The Last Player | Learning Game Great for All Ages
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Sorry! Game
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FAQ For Board Games For Kids

Which board games for children are particularly popular?

For older school children, for example, the classic Scrabble is well suited. Quiz, mystery or other strategy games are also often played. For smaller children, there are, among other things, educational wooden toys in board game form (Montessori pedagogy).

From when to play board games with children?

Board games usually have an age recommendation from the manufacturer. This should be taken into account. However, since every child develops individually and does not find every topic equally interesting, it is perfectly okay to put certain games aside for some time or not play them at all, despite the age matching the manufacturer’s recommendation. Games with small parts (Attention! Danger of swallowing) are usually recommended from 4 years at the earliest. Before that age, only a few games make sense anyway, because very young children still find it difficult to concentrate for a long time and to use their motor skills on the board in a targeted way.

Are board games for children educationally valuable?

Board games for children have some pedagogically valuable advantages. For example, they not only promote concentration, frustration tolerance, patience and motor skills, but depending on the game, motor skills or fine motor skills are also trained. In addition, the children learn to understand and adhere to rules in a playful way. Some games also require complex thinking or strategic planning.

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