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The 4 Best LEGO Serious Play Building Sets – Guidebook

LEGO has long since ceased to be just a child’s game. With the LEGO Serious Play kits, LEGO now presents the building block of our childhood for adults as well. First and foremost, the Serious Play kits are used to solve problems in business, but LEGO Serious Play is also perfect for tinkering at home.

Everything you need to know about LEGO Serious-Play, we have listed in our checklist for you. For the selection of the optimal kit you should take a look at the product recommendation.

Checklist For LEGO Serious Play Kits

  • LEGO SeriousPlay building sets contain the typical, popular LEGO pieces. Since these are very small and can be swallowed, they are only suitable for ages three to four. You should consider the child’s individual development as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • LEGO Serious Play kits are especially aimed at adults, as they are designed for learning and applying the Serious Play method for team and organizational development.
  • If you want to get started with your team as quickly as possible, you can opt for the Starter Kit. This contains a strong 219 parts to get started with the Serious Play method.
  • For workshops and all other sessions using the LEGO Serious Play method, the small Exploration Bags are suitable. They awaken the desire to explore and contain a small selection of bricks and figures specifically designed for use with the Serious Play method.
  • If you are planning workshops with a particularly large number of participants or if you hold workshops very frequently, you should opt for a particularly extensive connection set with pieces. Here, the required parts are pre-sorted in compartments, which makes it much easier to prepare for the event.
Building Options
  • Of course, LEGO Serious Play kits are conventional LEGO bricks that are compatible with all other bricks from this manufacturer. Therefore, they provide countless building possibilities and do not limit creativity.
  • Since the LEGO Serious Play method is a moderation and development technique that refers to specific colors and shapes, it makes sense to buy the LEGO Serious Play kits already pre-sorted accordingly to save time.
Play Fun
  • The LEGO Serious Play method is ideally suited for organizational and team development. The colorful bricks solve speech inhibitions,invite to build and help whole teams to gain new perspectives.
  • Fun and progress in development tasks is no longer a contradiction with the LEGO Serious Play building sets.

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FAQ About LEGO Serious Play Kits

What is LEGO Serious Play?

LEGO Serious Play is a way of using LEGO bricks in a business context. With the help of LEGO Serious Play, problems can be solved, abstract facts can be visualized or models can be created. The goal is to increase the innovation and organizational power within the team. LEGO offers special building sets for the application of the Serious Play method.

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