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The 10 Best LEGO Speed Champions Autos – Guidebook

The LEGO Speed Champions cars offer building fun and spectacular action, moreover, the LEGO Speed Champions cars are almost indistinguishable from the original Ferrari, Porsche, and Co. vehicles. When buying your dream car, pay particular attention to whether a single or double set is suitable for you.

In our checklist you will find important information about different models, the age recommendation, the care of the car, and much more. In the product recommendations, we have also listed the best LEGO Speed Champions cars for you.

Checklist For LEGO Speed Champions Cars

Favorite Make Or Model?
  • The LEGO Speed Champions Cars series stands for distinctive details in the smallest space. For example, LEGO has included cars from manufacturers such as.

– Bugatti-
Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport-

  • integrated into the series. So if your child’s heart beats for one of these cars or brands, you can grab it.
Attention To Detail And Recognition Factor
  • All Speed Champions models are manufactured on the basis of licensing agreements. The car manufacturers have given their consent for the unmistakable tracing of their models, which opens up exclusive design possibilities for LEGO. The Lego Speed Champions cars are thus clearly distinguishable from unofficial imitators.
Single or Double Set
  • If your child would like to play with his friends, it is worthwhile to reach for a set that contains two racing cars. In addition to the two LEGO Speed Champions cars, a start scene is included. The start scene is either a traffic light bridge or a standing traffic light.
Age and Gender
  • LEGO carries two age guides: The company “prohibits” children between the ages of 0 and 3 from using LEGO Speed Champions cars. Reason: small parts that can be swallowed.
  • For the target group, Lego sets an age between 8 to 14 years. Should your offspring be a year younger or older, this does not detract from the enjoyment of the game. It’s important to pay attention to individual development.
  • Gender is also irrelevant, although the core of car lovers are often boys.
Price-Performance Tip
  • Lego is known for its high quality. And its prices! In the case of LEGO Speed Champions cars, this principle is only half true. With prices of less than 20 EUR per set, the little racers can be described as real bargains. After all, they often come with a figure as well.
Attention Stickers – how to take care of the model
  • Among the “classic cars, sports cars, endurance racing cars, racing cars and real classic cars” are many models that are covered with stickers. These additions suffer from the ravages of time and quickly flake off or fade quickly when exposed to sunlight.
  • If possible, put the car in the closet for a good month once a year. This way, at least the stones can denaturalize. Light-colored models in particular benefit from the pit stop.
Share Fan Moments
  • If your child has an Instagram account, LEGO invites you to its official Fan Moments channel. Here, the race cars can be put in the limelight. In addition, tips and tricks from other users on how to tune up the models are enticing.

We have collected the best and most interesting LEGO Speed Champions cars.

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The Best Sellers Of LEGO Speed Champions Cars

In a list of bestsellers we have collected the most popular LEGO Speed Champions cars for you.

Current Offers On LEGO Speed Champions Cars

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FAQ For LEGO Speed Champions Cars

When will new LEGO Speed Champions be released?

New LEGO Speed Champions car kits will be released in June 2021.

What is LEGO Speed?

.LEGO Speed Champions car kits include LEGO model cars from popular car brands to recreate.

Is LEGO a good value investment?

LEGO is a popular collectible. Depending on how limited the kit is and how good the condition is, you can multiply the original price by a lot when reselling. An investment can be worthwhile.

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