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The 10 Best Children’s Keyboards – Guidebook

Kids keyboards are a great introduction to the world of music. Many children would like to be able to play a musical instrument. Among the most popular instruments are the guitar and the piano. For children, playing the piano is especially appealing because the notes they produce with the piano sound good right away. In addition, they can quickly learn simple melodies and play them independently. At around 6 years of age, children can begin to learn to play the piano in earnest. It is not that easy for parents to get a good overview of the various keyboards and electric pianos to enable their children to achieve this wish.

Children’s keyboards, as an electronic alternative to the piano, offer the best price-performance ratio to start with. After all, you never know if your child will have fun with it in the long run. To help you find the perfect children’s keyboard, we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider when buying and some product recommendations.

Checklist For Children Keyboards

Touch And Keyboard
  • Keyboards for children should have at least 61 keys for serious learning of the instrument.
  • The stroke of the keys, meaning the pressure of the fingers on the keys, should in the best case be passed on without loss to the components that are responsible for sound production. The whole thing is also called touch dynamics.
  • When the keys are pressed, there should be no annoying background noise.
  • It should not be possible to shift the keys to the left or right.
  • Ideally, the sound of a keyboard should be very close to that of a piano.
  • You should pay attention to the highest possible polyphony. This is the maximum number of sound events that can sound parallel to each other. The higher the number, the better the sound. We recommend at least a 64-note polyphony.
  • The sound alone is useless if the speakers cannot reproduce it.
  • The dispersion angle of the speakers should at best make the sound of the keyboard go in many directions.

We’ve taken a close look at the subject and put together keyboards for you that meet all the essential criteria in terms of keys, speakers and sound.

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The Children Keyboard Bestsellers

We have compiled the most popular children’s keyboards for you in this list of bestsellers.

Current Offers For Kids Keyboards

Here you will always find the best deals for kids keyboards that are currently available.

FAQ About Keyboards For Kids

Which keyboard is the right one?

For children, special children’s keyboards are the right entry point. Depending on how small the child is, a toy keyboard is sufficient at the beginning. For a more serious introduction to keyboard playing, a keyboard for beginners is the right choice.

How many keys does a keyboard have?

Depending on the size, a keyboard has up to 88 keys. Small portable keyboards have fewer keys. The number varies from 49 to 76.

What is the difference between keyboard and piano?

Keyboard and piano are different instruments. Keyboards have piano sounds, but they can’t give you the playing characteristics of a piano or electric piano. A keyboard is not designed to learn the piano touch.

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