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The 8 Best Children’s Wheelbarrows – Guidebook

The 8 Best Children’s Wheelbarrows – Guidebook

Every child loves to help out in the garden and lend a hand themselves. That’s where a kid’s wheelbarrow comes in handy! Your child can help load and transport. It’s always something great to do what your own parents do. Fun and joy are definitely pre-programmed. Our checklist shows you the most important criteria and the product recommendations are also helpful.

Checklist For Children Wheelbarrows

  • Children’s wheelbarrows are suitable for children who can already stand and walk safely. When choosing a child wheelbarrow, you can follow the manufacturer’s age recommendation.
  • The material determines the appropriate age for the use of the child wheelbarrow. There are models made of plastic, metal and aluminum.
  • Children’s wheelbarrows made of plastic are very light and small. In some cases, they are suitable for children as young as one year old.
  • With a sturdy children’s wheelbarrow made of metal, your child can already help with gardening. The metal wheelbarrow is recommended for children from 2 or 3 years.
Wheels And Handles
  • The wheels and handles of a child’s wheelbarrow should allow your child to easily and safely handle the toy.
  • Plastic handles with a tread or a rubber coating are non-slip.
  • Children’s wheelbarrows usually have a wheel made of hard plastic, solid rubber or a pneumatic tire. While pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption, solid rubber tires are nearly indestructible.
  • Treaded tires also provide safety on uneven and muddy surfaces.
Load Capacity
  • Depending on the material, the load capacity of a child’s wheelbarrow can range from 3 to 50 kg. Plastic models usually have a load capacity of 3 to 5 kg. Metal wheelbarrows often have a load capacity of between 25 and 50 kg.
  • Light plastic models are suitable for small children. For older children, on the other hand, more robust models are recommended that can also carry the weight of a child.
  • A child’s wheelbarrow must not only be age-appropriate, but also offer your child sufficient safety.
  • The TÜV or GS seal are indicators of the use of materials tested for harmful substances.
  • Rounded corners and edges further reduce the risk of injury.
Accessories And Design
  • The small wheelbarrows please the eye with their colorful and child-friendly design. So they can animate your child to play.
  • For playtime fun, buckets, rakes, shovels and gloves are often included with a child’s wheelbarrow. Accessories should also be made of safe and harmless materials.

Here you can find the top 8 among the most popular children’s wheelbarrows.

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