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The 15 Best Indoor Climbing Frames for Children – Guidebook

Climbing is a wonderful challenge for kids and they love it. Being as tall as their parents for once and seeing the world from above. That fascinates most children. Of course, it’s not just the view that’s exciting, but also the journey to the top. It’s great for kids to see what they can already do. It also trains their motor skills and sense of balance. In addition, climbing strengthens the muscles of your child.

Climbing frames and climbing walls are popular fun for children. But not only on the playground or in the garden can be played outside in good weather. On rainy days or in the cold season, an indoor climbing frame is a great way to bring climbing fun indoors.

However, the selection of indoor climbing frames is quite large. Deciding on the right indoor climbing frame is not easy. We help you to choose the right indoor climbing frame. In our checklist, we have compiled important purchase criteria to consider when buying an indoor climbing frame for children. You can then browse our product recommendations to find the right climbing frame for you.

Indoor Climbing Frame Checklist

The Height of the Children’s Climbing Frame
  • The height should be adjusted to the size of the child.
  • For children under 3 years, the highest platform should not be higher than 100 cm.
  • For taller children, heights between 120 and 200 cm are also suitable.
The Development of the Child
  • The climbing frame should always be adapted to the child’s motor development.
  • The climbing fun should challenge your treasure but not be too demanding.
Different Construction Methods
  • For indoor use, there are plastic or wooden climbing frames for children with rung ladders, slides, climbing nets and swings.
  • There are also gymnastic walls that can be mounted on the wall of the room.
  • Climbing triangles are small climbing structures that can be placed in various places in the home.
  • Climbing walls can also be attached to walls as indoor climbing frames.
Test Seal
  • The safety of your child is of course paramount
  • GS seals ensure that the climbing frame has been tested for load-bearing capacity, stability and workmanship according to strict guidelines.
Safety and Stability
  • Ensure your child’s safety while playing.
  • Make sure the indoor climbing frame is well positioned in the room. It should have enough distance from other objects so that your child can’t hurt himself.
  • For indoor climbing frames that are mounted on a wall, make sure that the mounting is really stable and solid.
  • Depending on how high the indoor climbing frame is, additional beams, ropes or even fall protection mats are useful additional safeguards.

Using our checklist for indoor climbing frames for kids, we have made a recommendable selection of indoor climbing frames that meet the criteria on the list.

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FAQ About Indoor Climbing Frames

From what age can a child climb?

In principle, even the youngest children start climbing. Already toddlers with about 15 months can pull themselves up on small climbing frames and start climbing.

At what age does an indoor climbing frame make sense?

Since toddlers as young as 15 months can not only crawl and walk, but also climb and slide, an indoor climbing frame can be considered even then. A small children’s climbing frame for indoors is particularly well suited. So the risk of injury is low.

What does an indoor climbing frame promote?

Many skills are promoted when climbing on indoor climbing frames: Motor skills, sense of balance, body control, coordination and reaction time. All these skills are developed in a playful way and your child will have a lot of fun on an exciting climbing adventure.

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