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The 7 Best Climbing Triangles For Children – Guidebook

Climbing triangles are a great introduction to exciting climbing adventures even for the youngest kids. The best part is that with climbing triangles, kids can climb to their heart’s content in their own nursery in any weather.

This is a great alternative to climbing on the playground or in the garden when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Plus, your child’s own room is a safe environment. This means that climbing can be practiced in peace and quiet and motor skills can be trained. Thus, your treasure is well prepared for great climbing excursions on the playground.

However, climbing triangles have a certain size. Therefore, their purchase should be well considered. It is also not so easy to overview the selection of climbing triangles. We are happy to help you make the right decision. We have compiled a checklist for you, in which important purchase criteria for a climbing triangle are compiled, and collected some product recommendations.

Checklist For Climbing Triangle

  • Can be used from the age of six months
  • Children can pull themselves up while learning to stand and walk
  • 75 to over 100 cm
  • The small models are suitable for toddlers
  • Older children can use models from 90 cm
  • Larger triangles do not encourage more, but are more dangerous
  • Robust Solid Wood
  • Some models include an additional board, which serves as a slide and for climbing up

Based on our checklist, we have compiled climbing triangles that we would like to recommend to you.

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The Best Sellers Of Climbing Triangles For Children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular climbing triangles for kids.

Current Offers On Climbing Triangles

Find the best current deals on climbing triangles for kids in this list.

FAQ About Climbing Triangles

When can the triangle be combined with a slide?

As soon as the child independently manages to climb over the highest rung to the other side, a combination is possible. This time usually comes between 2 and 3 years.

What height is appropriate for a climbing triangle?

At the toddler age, the triangles of 75 cm are appropriate. With increasing age, the height can also be increased. However, up to 90 cm is perfectly sufficient. With even larger climbing triangles, there is only a risk of injury and not increased promotion.

Climbing triangle: From what age?

Already with 6 to 8 months the climbing triangle can be helpful for pulling up and learning to stand. With time, it will then also try to climb up.

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