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The 16 Best Doctor’s Cases For Children – Guidebook

The 16 Best Doctor’s Cases For Children – Guidebook

A doctor’s kit offers opportunities for great role play that many kids will love. Whether stuffed animals, friends, or family are examined is left up to your child, providing variety and freedom. It also promotes language and social skills. Even the fear of the real doctor can be playfully reduced by a doctor’s case.

To find the right doctor’s case, our checklist and the product recommendations below will help you.

Have fun shopping and playing!

Checklist For Pediatric Case

Material and Processing
  • Doctor’s cases and their contents are offered to you in wood, plastic or fabric.
  • Wood is the most robust and durable option.
  • Especially for toddlers we recommend wood, as they are often still have very gross motor skills.
  • Most often, however, you will find plastic. The material is easy to clean and has a low weight. However, it also breaks more quickly, so you should look out for hard plastic.
  • Fabric is the least common. It is flexible, but not so easy to maintain. But fabric feels very pleasant and is environmentally friendly.
  • Especially with wood and plastic you have to pay attention to good workmanship, so that for example no splinters come out.
  • Make sure that the doctor’s case is adapted to the age of your child.
  • For example, there should be no small parts under the age of 3 , otherwise there are a risk of suffocation.
  • Children up to 6 years of age should be supervised when playing with medical cases.
  • In addition, the case should not have any sharp edges or corners if you want to avoid injuries. The contents are also important.
  • The enclosed description, which informs you about the use and dangers, can also help you.
  • The material must also be free of harmful substances and plasticizers . You must pay attention to test seals (e.g. TÜV). A bad smell or a cheap foreign import can also point you to harmful substances.
Accessories/Scope of Delivery
  • A certain basic equipment should be included in every doctor’s case. This includes a stethoscope, syringe, fever thermometer and an otoscope for the ears.
  • For small children, such a smaller scope is sufficient, otherwise excessive demands can follow. If necessary, a hammer and blood pressure monitor can also be included.
  • From kindergarten age, the equipment may already offer significantly more to prevent boredom. Smaller items such as plasters, tweezers and a medical chart can now be added.
  • As close to reality as possible replicas of the equipment and bags are also available.

Here you can find the top 16 most popular doctor cases for kids.

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The Best Selling Medical Cases For Kids

We have compiled the most popular doctor’s cases for children for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Doctor Case For Children

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of medical cases for children.

FAQ About The Doctor Case For Children

From when doctor’s case for children?

A children’s doctor’s case is normally released from 3 years. There is a risk of suffocation for small children, as it usually contains small parts. But older children should also be kept in mind.

What should not be missing from a children’s medical kit?

The basic equipment includes:
– Stetoscope
– Syringe and plaster
– Clinical thermometer
– Something to look in the ears
– A hammer
– Scissors
– Blood pressure device.

Doctor’s case: what material?

Most doctor’s case accessories are made of plastic. Nevertheless, more and more accessories made of wood and fabric are being added. This is more durable as well as high quality and the popularity on it is growing.

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