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The Best Sellers Of Double Swings – Guide

The Best Sellers Of Double Swings – Guide

Double swings provide double the swinging fun! Especially when two little bundles of energy use the double swing at the same time, it needs the right quality.

Caution: Poor material or workmanship can cause collapse and injury! We have developed criteria and product recommendations for you!

The Bestsellers Of The Double Swings

We have compiled the most popular double swings for children in this bestseller list for you.

Checklist For Double Swings

Checklist For Double Swings

  • Double swings are suitable for children 3 years and older.
  • Young children should not swing without supervision or accompaniment.
Material and safety
  • Most double swings are made of a frame made of solid wood, impregnated for durability and safety. There are also sturdy frames made of metal.
  • Square wood offers the highest level of safety here.
  • Wear-resistant metal hooks on the frame ensure a safe and long swing.
  • The swing surface should be made of solid wood or sturdy plastic.
Weight and size
  • The recommended load capacity of a swing depends on who is going to use it.
  • For children, an approximate load capacity of 50 kg per swing is recommended, for adults around 100 kg.
  • Double swings usually occupy a space from 2.5 m in length. Some models are also much larger.
  • Many double swings directly include a combination with:climbing ropes, climbing ladders, play towers and slides
  • If necessary, frames can also be subsequently expanded or combined. This must be found out individually from the manufacturer.
  • It is advisable to purchase fall protection in the form of safety mats in addition
  • With some double swings are directly adjustable swing ropes included. If not, you should purchase plus some to allow for different body sizes to swing.
  • Depending on preference, plus swing nests can also be purchased for some models.
  • The swings on the frame are usually interchangeable and can be replaced by other swings. For toddlers here are particularly relevant closed safety swings.

Here you can find the top 10 double swing for kids.

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Current Offers For Double Swing For Children

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available under double swings for children.

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FAQ For Double Swings

How long does a swing set in concrete have to dry?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As a rule, however, you should wait at least 7 days before using the swing.

How wide is a double swing?

A double swing is 190 cm wide.

How much does a double swing cost?

A double swing costs from 140 to 420 euros, depending on the size of the product.

How high can a double swing be?

A double swing may be a maximum of 3 m high.

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