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The 8 Best Drums for Kids – Guidebook

The 8 Best Drums for Kids – Guidebook

At an early age, many children develop a desire to play the drums. Like the grown-ups, they want to sweep the drumsticks across the instrument and emulate the cool rock stars. However, children not only have fun playing the drum kit but also benefit from various learning effects. For example, playing drums can have a positive effect on self-confidence. It also trains fine motor skills and a sense of rhythm.

With the huge selection of children’s drums, it’s not so easy for parents to keep track of everything. What do you have to look out for when buying? Which drum set is the right one for my child? Many parents ask themselves all these questions before buying a drum set. To help you find the right drum set, we have compiled a checklist with the most important buying criteria for children’s drum sets and product recommendations.

Checklist for Children’s Drums

Age Recommendation:
  • A children’s drum set is adapted to the needs of children. Choosing the right drum set also depends on the age of the child. Manufacturers usually provide an age recommendation, which is a good guide.n
Buying a Set
  • Children’s drums are usually offered in a set. This is convenient because you can buy everything you need at once and even from one source.
  • For starters, a children’s drum set consists in most cases of bass drum, snare drum, cymbal and hi-hat.
  • In addition to the main components, a children’s drum set set often includes additional accessories such as a matching seat stool and drum sticks.
  • Make sure that the children’s drum set is well made and made of high-quality materials. Your child should have fun with the instrument and it must be able to withstand a lot when your child is playing with the drumsticks.
  • Especially for small children, hearing protection is useful at the beginning. Acoustic drums in particular can develop a high volume that can overwhelm the sensitive ears of young children.

We have taken a closer look at the topic and compiled various children’s drum sets for you that meet all the essential criteria.

Tip: You can find many other great children’s instruments in our guide to musical instruments for children.

The Best Sellers of Children’s Drums

We have compiled the most popular children’s drum sets for you in this list of bestsellers.

Current Offers on Children’s Drums

Here you will always find the best offers on children’s drums that are currently available:

SaleBestseller Nr. 6
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange
Educational kids toy includes two drumsticks; allow your child to feel like a real drummer
$19.99 −22% Amazon Prime

FAQ About the Children’s Drum Set

What is a children’s drum set?

A children’s drum set is a drum set that is perfectly tailored to the size of a child. Depending on the size of the child, the optimal size of a drum set also varies.

What does a children’s drum set cost?

It is impossible to say in general how much a children’s drum set costs. It depends on the size of the instrument and what is included in the set.

How is a drum set constructed?

There is no classic and uniform structure for a drum set. But the basic structure consists of various drums and cymbals. These include the bass drum (big drum), snare drum (small drum), two toms, a stand tom, a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal and a hi-hat cymbal.

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