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The 17 Best Children’s Pools – Guide

Especially in the summer on hot days a cooling down is good. Nothing is better suited for this than a children’s pool, which is available in many different variations. For example, a slide or water spray is integrated, which increases the fun even more. Everyone is sure to find something here.

Our checklist and product recommendations show you the most important purchase criteria as well as the 17 best children’s pools for your garden below.

Checklist For Children’s Pools

  • The simplest models are inflatable kiddie pools. They are lightweight, quick to set up and can be stored away to save space after use.
  • The assembly of a frame pool takes a little more time. But it is so stable that you can lean against the edge while sitting. A sturdy frame and a thick foil make it a durable pool that you can enjoy for several years.
  • Your child will have the most fun with a play center . Most of the time, these kiddie pools are inflatable. They often come with a slide and play features. Make sure you have a connection for the water hose. In order for your child to slide well, the slide must be sprayed with water from sprinklers integrated into the pool.
  • You can choose from round or square children’s pools. Oval or irregularly shaped models are also offered.
  • For a single child, the pool should have a diameter or side lengths of about 1 meter.
  • Several children playing in the pool at the same time will need more space. Pools with dimensions of about 250 cm x 150 cm are suitable for older children. They can also be used by the whole family. If you have enough space in the garden, you can install an even larger pool.
  • An integrated drain makes it easy to empty the pool. Dirty water simply drains away and you save yourself the hassle of scooping it out with a bucket.
  • A pool equipped with a sunroof provides shade and makes splashing around fun even in the middle of the day.
  • With an electric pump or a foot pump you save power when inflating and setting up the pool is faster.
  • Repair patches are useful accessories. A small hole is quickly repaired and the fun can continue.
  • The water in the children’s pool must be changed regularly. If you prefer a very large pool and want to use the water for a longer time, you should think about buying a filter.

Here you can find the top 17 among the most popular children’s pools.

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The Best Sellers Of Children’s Pools

We have compiled the most popular kiddie pools for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Kids Pools

Here you can find a selection of current offers for kiddie pools.

FAQ About Kiddie Pools

How long can water stay in the kiddie pool?

The water change depends on the care. If the pool is covered every day and a net is used, the water can stay in for up to 1 month. Otherwise, the water should be changed at least every 2 weeks.

Which chlorine tablets are suitable for a children’s pool?

The larger the children’s pool, the more chlorine is necessary. Chlorine tablets or powder are suitable. However, we recommend the use of chlorine only from a pool size of approx. 2 m to 3 m.

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