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The Bestsellers Learning Towers For Children – Guidebook

The Bestsellers Learning Towers For Children – Guidebook

Learning towers are a component of Montessori education. They serve to promote independence, coordination and balance and are suitable for young children.

You can find all information about buying a learning tower in our checklist. We have summarized a great selection of different learning towers in our product recommendations for you.

The Bestsellers Of The Learning Towers

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular learning towers for you.

Checklist For Learning Towers For Children

Checklist For Learning Towers For Children

Age Recommendation
  • The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed before use, especially with regard to the age recommendation.
  • Your child should be able to stand and climb the tower on their own. This requires the child to have a secure footing.
  • Learning towers can often be used from the age of 2 . However, the individual development of the child must always be taken into account.
  • The child should only climb a learning tower under adult supervision. It is better to position oneself next to the child in order to prevent overturning.
  • The learning tower should be positioned in front of a solid object such as a kitchen counter or table so that the child can pull himself up if necessary.
  • A level surface ensures the necessary stability for the learning tower.
  • Only child-friendly objects should be in the vicinity of the learning tower. Knives, scissors, or other dangerous materials must be put away before use.
  • Height-adjustable versions have the advantage that the learning tower can grow with the child’s abilities.
  • Sturdy construction made of solid wood provide a secure hold. Variants made of plastic are usually not as stable and durable. The paint should be free of harmful substances, which can be proven by various test seals.
  • The tower must withstand movements of the child, so that wobbling of the child does not lead to a fall.
  • Anti-slip material under the learning tower ensures a firm stand.

We have compiled the best and most interesting learning towers. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

KiddyMoon Wooden Kitchen Helper Step Stool for Kids Toddlers ST-003, Plywood/Grey
  • Fully tested to European safety standards
  • Easy to assemble, sturdy construction, safe for your kids
  • Polished, painted finish
  • Encourages kids to interact with parents and siblings and take part in family activities
  • Helps to develop self-esteem,independence and self-confidence, and improves coordination

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Current Offers Of Learning Towers

You can find the best current offers on learning towers in this list.

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FAQ For Learning Towers

What is a learning tower?

A learning tower is a construction for children that allows them to reach higher places. It is therefore a kind of stool. However, it is constructed in such a way that the children can climb it independently and cannot fall down so easily due to a grid or a barrier. The device originates from the Montessori pedagogy.

Learning tower – from when?

From when a learning tower is useful depends on the development of the child. It is usually not recommended before 2 years of age. It is important that the child can stand safely without help and climb the tower alone. Before that, it is too unsafe to use.

How useful is a learning tower?

A learning tower promotes the child’s independence, as it can reach higher objects without additional help. In addition, the child’s balance and motor skills are trained. Whether a learning tower is useful can be considered from different points of view.

Which learning tower is the best?

Which learning tower is the best depends on personal preferences and your budget. You can find a selection of learning towers in our product recommendations.