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The 8 Ravens Burger Puzzles For Children – Guidebook

With the right puzzle you offer your child’s concentration an exciting challenge, which is also a lot of fun. In addition, the puzzle is made for joint game evenings with family or friends. Ravens burger is the puzzle manufacturer par excellence and therefore offers a wide range of classic and 3D puzzles.

In our checklist, we have researched and compiled the most important key points about Ravensburger puzzles for you. Afterward, take a look at our product recommendations, where you can find the best Ravensburger puzzles for kids at a glance.

Checklist Ravensburger Puzzle

Size Of The Puzzle
  • Ravensburger has in its range puzzles of many different sizes, so there are puzzles with 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, and 1000 pieces./li>
  • A puzzle for children should not exceed the size of 1000 pieces, however, because much too large puzzles take away your child’s motivation to continue puzzling, especially if a piece is ever lost.
  • The size of the puzzle pieces themselves depends on the age of the child, for toddlers the puzzle pieces are kept accordingly large, while puzzles for older children already contain very small pieces.
  • The variety in the puzzle versions is also broadly positioned.
  • Among the classics here is the simple printed puzzle, which comes with various prints of animals, nature scenes, vehicles, or cities.
  • For that little bit extra, there are also puzzles that come with flocking, glitter, or glow effects , which makes the end result even more beautiful.
  • If you want to try something new, we recommend the so-called 3D puzzle, here you do not just puzzle together a usual 2D picture, but create a 3D model of world-famous buildings, lighthouses, and castles.
  • You can also find puzzle balls among the 3D puzzles, with which you can form a globe , for example.
Joint Game
  • Laying a Ravensburger puzzle is also a nice occasion to spend time together as a family or friends.
  • So it’s best to choose a puzzle that the whole family will enjoy, so you definitely make the right choice.

Here you can find the top 8 most popular Ravensburger puzzles.

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Ravensburger Puzzle Bestsellers

We have compiled the most popular Ravensburger puzzles for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Ravensburger Puzzle

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Ravensburger Puzzle section.

FAQ Ravensburger Puzzle For Kids

Which Ravensburger puzzle for children?

Ravensburger puzzles come in many different versions. Very popular are 3D puzzles with which, for example, famous buildings can be recreated. There are also puzzles that glow in the dark and other effects. When buying a jigsaw puzzle, you should consider the interests of your child and choose a puzzle that does not have too many pieces. Puzzles with a maximum of 1000 pieces are ideal for children.

Ravensburger Puzzle – What to do if a piece is missing?

If a puzzle piece should ever be lost, Ravensburger offer a spare parts service that can help you.

How many puzzle pieces are in the largest puzzle commercially available at Ravensburger?

The largest puzzle currently available from Ravensburger’s online store is called “Mickey’s 90th Birthday” and has 40,320 pieces.

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