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The 16 Best Dolls From Zapf – Advisor

Children love to play with dolls and always come up with little role plays. The Zapf company offers a wide range of different dolls, so there is something for every age group. Among others, the Baby Born and Baby Annabell are among the most popular dolls from Zapf. Many of them have certain functions so that these dolls can cry or make sounds, among other things.

To help you find the right Zapf doll for your child, we have created a suitable checklist for you that covers all the important information. In our product recommendations, you will find a wide selection of different dolls from Zapf.

Checklist For Zapf Dolls

Baby Born
  • Baby-born dolls, which come in sizes ranging from 30 to 43 cm, are among Zapf’s best-known and most popular dolls.
  • The Baby born dolls have a soft vinyl body and can enrich the doll play with various functions.
  • You’ll find Baby born dolls for every age. The Baby born for Babies is offered for the very youngest from 0 years. For children from 1 year, there is the Baby born My First 30 cm, which can also be taken to the swimming pool or bathtub.
  • From 2 years, the Baby born Little 36 cm is recommended, which introduces children to their first role-plays and baby care.
  • Baby born Little 36 cm has a soft touch body and offers 7 functions (including drinking, crying, peeing). For children 3 years and older, there are Baby born 43 cm dolls with 10 lifelike functions. And from 4 years, children can play with the dolls of the Sister & Brother series. The siblings come with 6 functions and can cry real doll tears, among other things.
Baby Annabell
  • Baby Annabell dolls are aimed specifically at children who want to practice parent-child role play.
  • The dolls are 30 to 43 cm tall, have a soft stuffed body as well as a soft vinyl head.
  • Baby Annabell is also offered for children of all ages. Baby Annabell for Babies (22 to 30 cm) are suitable for babies as young as 0 years old and serve as a sleep aid, for example. From 1 year, it is possible to play with Baby Annabell My First 30 cm, which is called the beginner’s version for doll play.
  • For children over 1 year, there is the Baby Annabell Little 36 cm with its own bottle. And finally, Baby Annabell 43 cm is recommended for children 3 years and older. This is a natural-looking doll with lifelike functions, for example, she can cry real tears and move her mouth when drinking.
  • The individual dolls can offer different functions, some of which are lifelike. For example, depending on the model, the dolls can potty train, cry with tears, make sounds, make realistic mouth movements when drinking, or come with a built-in night song and lullaby function. Some models are also suitable to be taken into the bath.
  • Many of Zapf’s dolls work without batteries, especially the Baby born models (exceptions here are Baby born for babies). Other dolls, such as the Baby Annabell 43 cm, require batteries to use all functions.
  • Zapf offers a wide range of great accessories for all dolls. Depending on the model, the doll may already come with its own accessories (e.g. bottle or pacifier).
  • Whether it’s clothes, a doll’s pram or other accessories such as a child’s doll seat, baby care set, eating chair, potty or cradle – doll moms can equip themselves completely here and make doll play especially realistic.

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The Best Selling Dolls From Zapf

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular dolls from Zapf for children for you.

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Current Offers Of Dolls From Zapf

Here you will find a collection of current offers on dolls from Zapf for children.

FAQ About Dolls From Zapf

What are dolls from Zapf?

Zapf has been making play and functional dolls for over 85 years. As a result, they own the Baby Born, Baby Annabell and Dolly Moda brands. The latter produces clothes for the dolls so that they are always nicely dressed.

How much do dolls from Zapf cost?

Dolls from Zapf cost between 30 and 50 euros. However, the price depends on which model you choose and how big it is. Take a look at our product recommendations: there you will find many dolls in different price ranges.

What functions do Zapf dolls have?

This varies greatly depending on the doll. Many of the dolls offered can cry real tears or even be bathed. Real-life functions ensure that your child always has to take care of the doll. For example, some models can go to the potty.

What accessories are available for Zapf dolls?

Among other things, you can buy numerous doll furniture (for example, a dining chair or a child seat). In addition, there are also numerous doll clothes in a variety of designs and colors. To ensure that the doll is always well taken care of, you can also buy a pacifier or a bottle separately.

For what age are dolls from Zapf suitable?

Zapf offers different dolls for different ages. There are models that are suitable for children as young as one year old. These have relatively few to no functions, so that your child is not overwhelmed. Dolls for older children, on the other hand, are much larger (43 cm) and can usually make sounds and therefore fulfill several functions.

What is the difference between Baby Annabell and Baby Born?

The Baby Born is operated completely without batteries, while the Baby Annabell requires them so that your child can fully use all functions. Therefore, the Baby Annabell also has some functions more. However, it is up to your child to decide which doll is more appealing.

What material do the dolls from Zapf have?

The Baby Born consists of a vinyl body and is therefore relatively soft. You can therefore remove superficial dirt relatively easily. If the Baby Born has been bathed, it should always be cleaned from the inside afterwards, otherwise it may become moldy.

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