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The 9 best games from Noris – Advisor

The 9 best games from Noris – Advisor

Noris is one of the most famous German game manufacturers and produces games for young and old. In addition to fun board games , they also offer escape room games, puzzles or educational games.

You can find all important information about games from Noris in our checklist. We have summarized a great selection of different games from Noris in our product recommendations for different games.

Checklist games from Noris

  • The target group of Noris games are children, teenagers and adults.
  • The games are primarily made of ecologically sustainable, recyclable material such as wood, paper or cardboard. Care is taken to ensure that the relevant raw materials come from responsible sources.
  • The colors used are non-toxic.
  • Most of the games are produced in Fürth in Bavaria. The production is subject to strict quality controls.
Age and number of players
  • Noris offers games for children from the age of 3. These can be card and board games, but also reading or math games. The latter are mostly suitable for 4 to 5 year olds.
  • From7 years , more challenging knowledge and skill games are also available. There is no upper age limit here.
  • Particularly exciting games, such as the extremely popular “Escape Room,” are recommended for ages 16 and up. Adults can also have fun here.
  • The number of players varies between 2 and 5 for most games.
  • You should allow between 30 minutes and 2 hours for playing , depending on the game.
Different types of play
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity:
    • Various games such as puzzles, fishing games or “Kinder Electric” are used to train dexterity.
  • Reading and math games:
    • If you want to introduce your child to future school material, choose games such as “multiplication tables” or “Kinderpost.” This can be used to learn reading, writing and arithmetic in a fun way.
  • Knowledge games:
    • Several children’s and family quizzes (ages 6 and up, about 30 minutes) test players’ general knowledge on a variety of topics.
  • Family games:
    • In addition to classics such as “Mau mau” and “dice and puzzle games,” the “Escape Room” games in particular make for entertaining evenings.
  • Chess:
    • More challenging games such as “Chess and Checkers” or “Deluxe Chess” are also in the range. With these games you can introduce your child to chess.

We have compiled the best and most interesting games from Noris.

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The Bestsellers Of The Games From Noris

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular games from Noris.

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Current Offers Of Games From Noris

You can find the best current offers on games from Noris

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
The Octagon
The Octagon
Alan Belkin, Jean Higgins, David Miller (Actors); Eric Karson (Director); Audience Rating: R (Restricted)
$23.79 −22% Amazon Prime

FAQ About Games From Noris

How long has the game manufacturer Noris existed?

The games publisher Noris was founded in 1907 by Georg Reulein in Nuremberg. Today the company headquarters are in Fürth.

What does noris mean?

Noris is an allegorical name for the city of Nuremberg. Since the games publisher Noris was originally founded in Nuremberg, Georg Reulein decided to name the publisher after the nymph Noris.

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