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The Best Sellers Of Wooden Horses For Children – Guidebook

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The Best Sellers Of Wooden Horses For Children – Guidebook

The wooden horse creates a playful atmosphere to enliven your child’s imagination while simulating responsible handling of the real animal. The age of your child, the safety and weather resistance of the horse, as well as possible extras are important points to keep in mind when choosing a wooden horse.

We have listed the most important information for you in our checklist. You can also find the best wooden horses for your child in the product recommendation.

The Bestsellers Of Wooden Horses

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular wooden horses for you.

Checklist For Wooden Horses

Checklist For Wooden Horses

Age Recommendation
  • Some models are offered for children as young as 36 months. These are then rocking horses with appropriate safety devices for small children (including backrest, sidebars, etc.).
  • With the classic wooden horse, which is often used as an exercise and vaulting horse, the individual developmental stage of the child should always be taken into account. It should be able to hold on independently and sit securely in the saddle.
  • The maximum load in the manufacturer’s specifications should also be considered. Some wooden horses are designed to carry two riders in terms of length and carrying capacity.
  • Wooden horses with a higher stick size (approx. from 100 cm), which are to be used primarily also as a vaulting trestle, are recommended rather for older children from an age of 3 to 5 years.
  • Some manufacturers offer the option of reordering longer legs for the horse and replacing them with the previous legs. This way, the horse grows with the child.
  • Pay attention to a clean processing without splinters, rough wood or similar.
  • Even on a wooden horse , your children should wear a safety helmet when “riding” and doing gymnastics.
  • To sit comfortably and safely on top, the seat should also be wide enough(from about 35-40 cm).
  • The angle at which the horse’s legs stick out must be slanted enough to prevent the animal from tipping over.
  • To be on the safe side, you can additionally fix it with ground anchors.
  • Wooden horses are often used as outdoor toys. Therefore, a weatherproof finish is important.
  • Make sure that the gluing and glazing are weatherproof and that the screws are also suitable for outdoor use.
  • If the wooden horse has a mane, this should also be weatherproof, UV-resistant and rot-proof.
  • If the horse will not be used for a longer period of time (especially in winter), you should store it in the shed or garage , if possible.
  • If the wooden horse has a nice mane or tail, they can be combed and braided.
  • There are models that have a movable head. This allows the horse to graze, for example.
  • It’s best to find out in advance if the wooden horse comes with accessories such as a bridle, horse blanket and saddle . Some manufacturers have a great, extensive range of accessories, including a lead rope or horse droppings set. This makes playing even more varied.
  • Wooden horses are also offered that have an integrated flap. If you open this, you have storage space for grooming supplies and the like.

Recommendable Wooden Horses

We have collected the best and most interesting wooden horses for indoors and outdoors.

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Current Offers Of Wooden Horses

You can find the best current offers on wooden horses in this list.

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FAQ About The Wooden Horse

What is a wooden horse?

The wooden horse is a children’s toy that is used to simulate the handling of a real horse. Your child can thus learn how to handle the real animal. This includes: Riding, saddling, currying and grooming. You can also use the wooden horse as a gymnastics apparatus.

What height should the wooden horse be?

You should choose the size of the wooden horse according to the age of your child. From 3-4 years we recommend a wooden horse with a height of 50-60 cm. From the age of 4 you should choose a wooden horse with a height of 90-100 cm. For brave children, teenagers or adults there are models up to 140 cm. If the horse is too big, you can use a climbing aid.

How much does a wooden horse cost?

The price of the wooden horse depends on the size, accessories and brand of the wooden horse. You can buy inexpensive models for as little as 50€. More extensive models can cost you up to 800€.

Do I need a saddle for a wooden horse?

It depends on the condition and activities of your child on the wooden horse. If you only use the horse for riding exercises, a saddle will certainly give you a more intense feeling and it will also be more comfortable. For gymnastic exercises, however, you do not need a saddle.

Which saddle size fits my wooden horse?

The saddle size depends on the size of the wooden horse, every wooden horse has its corresponding saddle.

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