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The 8 Best LEGO Duplo Building Sites – Guidebook

LEGO Duplo building sites are very popular with children. When playing, your child can spend a great time alone or with friends and have a lot of fun. With the help of the checklist and product recommendations, the selection will be easier and you will get the best products.

Checklist LEGO Duplo Building Sites

  • LEGO Duplo building sites are popular, well-known, and always a classic gift. No matter what the occasion – little builders are always happy about one of the numerous sets, which can be combined and expanded with each other.
  • Each package contains one or more vehicles, figures, additional building blocks, and signs.
    Depending on the focus, your child will find small additional parts that fit thematically and stimulate his imagination.
  • Or how about a whole large construction site?
  • There are no limits to the play. Details such as movable excavator arms let your child immerse himself in (almost) lifelike situations and roles. The imitation effect is especially great if you have been to a real construction site before.
  • The construction sites are designed for children between the ages of 2 – 5 years, but they are also popular beyond that age
  • For children under 3,, make sure to always be present while your child is busy with the LEGO duplo building site. Or you can play together with the whole family.
  • You can always find the age information on< the corresponding package.
Quality And Safety
  • For many years, the sets are regularly subjected to strict controls. So you can be sure to hold a quality product in your hands, which is perfectly suited to the small hands of your child.
  • The building blocks and accessories are completely safe for health.
    Let’s have fun!

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The Best Sellers Of LEGO Duplo Building Sites

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular LEGO duplo building sites for you.

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Current Offers On LEGO Duplo Building Sites

Here you can find a collection of current offers on LEGO duplo building sites.

FAQ LEGO Duplo Building Sites

From when LEGO Duplo?

Lego Duplo is usually released from 2 years. However, there are also sets from 1.5 years. Here it is always important to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

How long has LEGO Duplo been around?

The first LEGO Duplo sets were already available in 1969.

LEGO Duplo Primo why discontinued?

The manufacturer has not released any information about the discontinuation of LEGO Duplo Primo.

What can you build with LEGO Duplo?

LEGO Duplo gives free rein to creativity. For example, you can build ball tracks, various animals and vehicles of all kinds.

How much does 1 kg of LEGO Duplo cost?

You can get one kilogram of LEGO Duplo for a price of about 30 €.

How do you get LEGO Duplo bricks clean?

We recommend to wash LEGO Duplo in water with detergent and if possible only lightly brush or rub. Also, the water should not be too hot.

What is available from LEGO Duplo?

LEGO Duplo has various themes to offer. These include, for example, specific girl themes such as princess, but also for boys kits such as firefighters are offered. In addition, there are, for example, animals or farms, which is intended for both sexes. Of course, your child can play anything he or she likes, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl.

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