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The 10 Best Inflatables For Indoors And Outdoors – Guidebook

The selection of indoor and outdoor inflatables is large. To make your purchase decision easier and to give you a better overview of the different models, we have taken a closer look at the indoor and outdoor inflatables and compared individual products. In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these indoor and outdoor inflatables.

Checklist For Inflatables

  • There are indoor and outdoor bouncy castles. Depending on the size, they can be compared to a trampoline and bring movement and variety into your child’s life – even in bad weather, depending on the model.
  • Of course, there are also particularly large models to buy, similar variants are known, for example, from fairs and street festivals. If you have a large garden, you can choose bouncy castles with special accessories, e.g. climbing facilities, slides or a ball pool.
  • For those who find a bouncy castle too bulky, a trampoline can also be chosen as an alternative. Here, too, there are space-saving and larger models that are suitable for indoors and/or outdoors
  • Tip: If you’re looking for an alternative, check out our guide to mini trampolines or our guide to 305cm trampolines.
  • When choosing the right bouncy castle, you should ask yourself how long the bouncy castle will be used. For a single day or a few hours, models that can be set up and dismantled particularly quickly are suitable.
  • The blower should be appropriately powerful so that the inflation process is quick. It is best to make sure that this is included in the product scope.
  • It is important to note the maximum load. Often not only one child wants to play on the bouncy castle, you should take this into account. For an age group of 3 to 6 years are usually suitable variants that can withstand a total of 56 kg load.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the bouncy castle. Especially with indoor variants, the right size is important. Some indoor models, for example, rise about 2.20 m into the air. Although the standard room height usually corresponds to 2.40 m, it should definitely be checked before buying: Not every room corresponds to this standard, and lamps, decorative objects or slopes must also be included.
  • The height of the bouncy castle is also a question of appearance: some people don’t like it when the bouncy castle takes up too much space
  • If you want to take the bouncy castle with you, e.g. on vacation, to the allotment garden or to friends and parties, you should consider the packing size. For example, the COSTWAY 7-in-1 bouncy castle from our product recommendations has a slide and comes in a handy carry bag
Helpful Tips
  • Buy a complete set, so you can be sure that all parts are compatible and you don’t forget anything
  • Make sure that the bouncy castle is allowed to come into contact with water (then you can usually use it on warm and cool days, which makes it possible to use it for a longer period of time )
  • You can rent inflatables, this is especially helpful for one-time or very infrequent occasions. However, since many home inflatables come with a carrying bag, it’s usually easy to store your own model and provide fancy exercise on the spur of the moment and on holidays – all at no extra cost
  • Especially during vacations and vacations, own inflatables are great, because, in case of unexpected rain or other incidents, you can use them to keep the kids busy for quite a while.

We have compiled the best and most interesting inflatables for indoors and outdoors.

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The Best Sellers Of Indoor And Outdoor Inflatables

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular indoor and outdoor inflatables for you.

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Current Offers Of Indoor And Outdoor Bouncy Castles

Find the best current offers on indoor and outdoor inflatables in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Blast Zone Magic Castle - Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Premium Quality - Indoor/Outdoor - Portable - Sets Up in Seconds
Blast Zone Magic Castle - Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Premium Quality - Indoor/Outdoor - Portable - Sets Up in Seconds
Features dimension: 8.5' W x 11' L x 8' H; Max occupancy: 3; Blower included; Deflated size:  rolled sleeping bag
$349.99 −29%

FAQ For Bouncy Castles For Kids

What is a bouncy castle?

A bouncy castle is an object filled with air, which invites you to jump and romp. You can often find it at street festivals or fairs. Also indoor children’s playgrounds often have a bouncy castle. Meanwhile, there are also models for the garden or the apartment. You can buy them or rent them by the day.

How much does an inflatable cost?

How much an inflatable costs depends on the size and its equipment. There are inflatables with accessories, e.g. ball pool, climbing facility or slide. These variants usually turn out to be larger. Also, the price depends on whether you want to rent or buy the object. We have collected the best inflatables and listed them in our product recommendations. You will find different variants in different price ranges.

From when bouncy castle?

It is not possible to give a general answer as to when children are allowed to use an inflatable. The age recommendation depends on the design and size of the object. You should therefore follow the manufacturer’s instructions to minimize the risk of injury.

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