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The 8 Best Stunt Kites – Guide

Steeringkites requires a lot of skill and is an art, especially in strong winds. Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun and beautiful to look at. Find the right stunt kite with us and become a master of the air.

We have summarized all the criteria for buying a stunt kite for you in a checklist . A selection of great stunt kites can be found in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Stunt Kites

Design Suitable For Children
  • Stunt kites should be as small as possible, as children have less pulling power than adults.
  • A colorful design is always more appealing to children than a plain colored stunt kite.
  • A tail at the end of the kite not only looks good, but also stabilizes the stunt kite during the flight phase.
  • A durable construction ensures that even rough landings can be withstood.
  • The kite is usually made of nylon, while the kite line is often made of polyester. Both fabrics are very tear-resistant, which makes them well suited for a kite.
  • In addition, nylon and polyester are very durable and resistant to moisture and sun.
  • On the stunt kite are 1 to 4 lines.
  • The more lines, the more extensive steering can be done, but the heavier the steering becomes. Steering with 4 lines requires a lot of practice.
  • For beginners a maximum of 2 lines is suitable, steering loops help children with steering.
Beaufort (Bft)
  • Depending on the model, stunt kites are suitable for different wind strengths (unit of measurement: Beaufort).
  • 0 Bft (calm) to 12 Bft (hurricane).
  • Most stunt kites are best flown at Bft 3 , but manufacturer specifications should always be followed. As a general rule, a kite can be flown when it is not too windy, but not calm either.

Here you can find the top 8 most popular stunt kites.

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The Best Sellers Of Stunt Kites

We have compiled the most popular stunt kites for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Stunt Kites

Here you will find a selection of current offers for stunt kites.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
In The Breeze SS-IB-ITB-2973 Rainbow 62' Sport Kite Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Includes Braided Kite Line and Bag
In The Breeze SS-IB-ITB-2973 Rainbow 62" Sport Kite Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Includes Braided Kite Line and Bag
Made with weather resistant rip stop polyester fabric and fiberglass rods; 27-Inch long by 62-inch wide - 1.1 meters
$33.99 −6%

FAQ For Stunt Kites

What is a stunt kite?

A stunt kite is launched into the air for fun or as a sporting activity and then steered using one or more lines.

Stunt kite – which line?

The length of the line for a stunt kite depends on the model and the age of the user. Children need shorter lines than adults. Choosing a complete set and observing the age recommendation makes it easier to decide on a line. Lines made of polyester are basically very robust and resistant to weather conditions.

Stunt kite – what wind strength?

For which wind force your stunt kite is suitable, depends on the respective model. You can find the information in the manufacturer’s information. As a rule, a wind force of 3 (i.e. 12 km/h to 19 km/h) is particularly suitable for flying common stunt kites.

How do you fly a stunt kite?

The kite must be held so that the wing of the kite can be caught by the wind. If the stunt kite is caught by the wind, the line must always be kept taut until the kite has a stable position in the air.

How do you steer a stunt kite?

You steer a stunt kite by pulling and releasing the lines of the kite. If you want to fly to the right, you need to pull the right string and loosen the string in your left hand. For left turns, steering works the other way around.

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