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The 6 Best Playmobil Ambulances – Guidebook

SaleComparison winner of the editors Playmobil Ambulance - 2023 Version

The 6 Best Playmobil Ambulances – Guidebook

With the Playmobil ambulance, your child is directly on the spot when things get hot in the Playmobil play world. The ambulances of Playmobil create a realistic feeling, so that your child can be fully absorbed in his game. Among other things, Playmobil offers various models with technology and special effects as well as some accessories.

We have compiled a checklist with the most important criteria for Playmobil ambulances and supplemented the whole thing with product recommendations so that you can quickly and easily get to your desired product.

Checklist Playmobil Ambulance

Age And Suitability
  • Take a look at the age recommendation for the Playmobil ambulance. You can find the information on the front of the packaging, among other things, like this: “4-10”. This means that Playmobil recommends the ambulance for kids between 4 and 10 years.
  • Ambulances from the Playmobil 1-2-3 series are suitable for children from 1.5 years. You can recognize these models by the yellow packaging. The individual parts are larger, which minimizes the risk of the child choking.
  • For all other Playmobil rescue vehicles, the minimum age specified by Playmobil is 4 years – recognizable by the blue packaging.
  • A wide variety of Playmobil ambulances are available. They can be roughly divided into three categories: the European model, the American model, and small cars.
  • In terms of appearance and bodywork, most models are largely the same as the European ambulance with more rounded designs.
  • There is also a choice of ambulances that are strongly reminiscent of ambulances in the USA. They are wider and more angular.
  • Playmobil also has, for example, an emergency doctor’s car, an emergency doctor’s motorcycle, a rescue balance scooter or a quad bike with a rescue trailer.
With Or Without Technology And Special Effects
  • The ambulances from the Playmobil 1-2-3 series do not integrate any special technology.
  • In the other ambulances , several versions are equipped with special effects. These include blue lights and sirens in particular. These make the game even more realistic and authentic.
  • For operation, you generally need disposable batteries.
  • Don’t worry: from the reports in parents’ forums and some reviews, it is clear that the effects are not overdone – that is, neither too flashy nor too loud.
Size And Mobility
  • If you want the Playmobil ambulance to be mobile, it’s best to choose a rather small model that can be easily transported.
  • If your child only wants to playfully save lives at home anyway, the size of the ambulance doesn’t matter.
  • There are all kinds of accessories to buy for the ambulances.
  • Accident victims and paramedics as well as equipment to help are usually included in the scope of delivery of the car. You can also buy additional figures.
  • The ambulance takes you to the hospital. Of course, you can choose from a variety of Playmobil hospitals.
  • To expand the rescue team , Playmobil also offers rescue helicopters.

Here you can find the top 6 most popular Playmobil ambulances.

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Playmobil Ambulance Best Sellers

We have compiled the most popular Playmobil ambulances for you in this bestseller list.

Current Offers For Playmobil Ambulance

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Playmobil ambulance section.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Playmobil Ambulance - 2023 Version
Playmobil Ambulance - 2023 Version
Grab your stethoscope and head to the rescue with the versatile Ambulance from PLAYMOBIL; Features an ambulance with siren sounds and opening back door with space for a stretcher
$39.99 −25% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
Playmobil Medical Helicopter
Playmobil Medical Helicopter
Front window opens for easy access to the interior.; Rear door opens so the passenger on the stretcher can be loaded aboard.
$59.99 −11% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 3
Playmobil Duck On Call - Ambulance
Playmobil Duck On Call - Ambulance
The back of the truck opens to become a mobile hospital with fold-out stretcher.; Bandages and other medical equipment can be stored in the compartment.
$89.99 −52%
SaleBestseller Nr. 4
Playmobil Medical Team
Playmobil Medical Team
Join the four-member rescue team to treat those in need of help.; Use the defibrillator to help resuscitate the patient.
$23.31 −15%
SaleBestseller Nr. 5
Playmobil Fire Truck - 2023 Version
Playmobil Fire Truck - 2023 Version
Be a hero in PLAYMO City with the PLAYMOBIL Fire Truck; Equip your figures with a respirator and oxygen tank for the rescue mission
$39.99 −21% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 6
PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit
PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit
Extinguish the fire with the Rescue Ladder Unit; Firetruck has real working lights and sounds
$27.99 −11% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 7
Playmobil My Figures: Rescue Mission
Playmobil My Figures: Rescue Mission
Help the fallen patient with the medics.; Extinguish the flames with the firefighter.; With so many options create a figure as unique as you!
$39.99 −28% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
Playmobil School Bus -2023 Version
Playmobil School Bus -2023 Version
Time for school! Head out for a day of learning on the cool PLAYMOBIL School Bus.; Once the double doors open, the kids can climb aboard and choose a seat
$39.99 −30% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 9
Playmobil Recycling Truck - 2023 Version
Playmobil Recycling Truck - 2023 Version
Help keep the city clean with the PLAYMOBIL Recycling Truck; Easily access the driver's cab thanks to the removable roof
$39.99 −25% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 10
Playmobil Police Emergency Vehicle
Playmobil Police Emergency Vehicle
Open up the vehicle's hatch back to access a storage box with tools and supplies
$47.99 −11% Amazon Prime

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FAQ For Playmobil Ambulance

From when Playmobil?

Playmobil labels its sets with different age recommendations. Numerous Playmobil sets can already be used from one year. Others, however, only from 10 years.

How long has Playmobil been around?

The Playmobil figure was created in 1974.

How much does Playmobil cost?

Playmobil sets are priced between 20 and 160 euros.

How big is a Playmobil figure?

A figure is 7.5 cm tall.

What is Playmobil?

Playmobil is a brand of the Brandstätter Group, which has focused in particular on producing toys for children. Playmobil is known for its figures and play sets.

Who invented Playmobil?

The Playmobil figure was created by Hans Beck.

How is Playmobil manufactured?

Playmobil figures and playsets are made from ABS, using injection molding machines.

Where does Playmobil come from?

Playmobil is a company based in the FRG, with its headquarters in Zirndorf zu Nürnberg.

How to store Playmobil?

Especially suitable packaging, toy boxes, toy chests or boxes.

Who owns Playmobil?

The Playmobil brand belongs to the Brandstätter Group.

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