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The 10 Most Popular Toy Weapons – Guide

Toy guns are not popular everywhere, but there are many types offered. For example, water spray guns are among them, which are relatively harmless and give all children a lot of pleasure. Especially together with friends or siblings, the fun factor is the greatest.

Our checklist shows you what is important when buying and which variants you can choose from. The product recommendations below are just as helpful.

Checklist For Toy Weapons

  • Before buying, consider whether you really want your child to play with guns. As a parent, you will hear this question often, so it makes sense to consider it in advance.
  • Keep in mind that some children and adults associate weapons with traumatic experiences, and your child may lose friendships through play.
  • Clarify in advance which types of games with weapons your child is allowed to play – and which are not: Is it allowed to shoot at people in the game or should only hunting, historical duel or target games be played?
Age-Appropriate Choice
  • Water spray guns are suitable for children as young as three.
  • Lances, tomahawks, spears, bows and arrows, rapiers or swords can be used by children as young as elementary school age.
  • Toy knives or other weapons aimed at direct physical contact should be reserved for understanding children 8 years and older.
  • Firearms such as pistols and rifles are not appropriate for children under 8 years of age.
  • Firearms should be ammunized with blanks at the maximum.
  • Water spray guns can be filled with colored water for more variety in the game – as long as white laundry is not being shot at!
  • Arrows with suction cups or Velcro tips are functional and largely harmless.
  • Toy guns should look like toys.
  • Realistic toy weapons can be misappropriated for criminal purposes, so purchase is strongly discouraged.
  • Swords, spearheads or swords made of rubber look real enough to play with, but are much less dangerous to play with.
Handling In Keeping With The Times
  • Product packaging of toy weapons that show men in war situations is not suitable for gender-neutral or pacifist education.
  • Toy guns are not allowed in all kindergartens or schools – find out in advance.
  • Don’t give away toy weapons without consulting the parent or guardian.
  • Knights can wield a colorful wand instead of a sword – children’s imaginations are allowed to wander into unrealistic play ideas when it comes to weapons.

Here you can find the top 10 among the most popular toy weapons.

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The Best Sellers Of Toy Teapons

We have compiled the most popular toy weapons for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Toy Weapons

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Toy Weapons section.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Toy Gun Soft Bullet Educational Model Shooting Games for 6+ Boys
Toy Gun Soft Bullet Educational Model Shooting Games for 6+ Boys
Intended for Fun, Not Distance or Accuracy.; Package: includes a foam dart blaster, 10 cases, 40 foam darts and a scope
$44.99 −24%
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
HALO Energy Sword
HALO Energy Sword
Product includes: toy weapon; Halo (MICROSOFT); Officially licensed product; One toy sword. Measures: 25"l x 11"w.
$29.99 −23%

FAQ About Toy Weapons

Toy guns: From when?

Toy guns can be used from around 6 years old. However, there are different ranges of requirements, so some are only suitable for older children. Additionally, it depends on the parents if they want to provide their child with toy guns at all.

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