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The 12 Best Pull-Along Animals For Children – Guidebook

Pull-along animals for children are not only fun, but also encourage your child to crawl or run. In addition, balance, coordination and dexterity are trained, which is why pull-along animals should not be missing in your nursery.

We have summarized all the important information about buying pull-along toys in a checklist for you. You can find a selection of different pull-along animals for children in our product recommendations.

Checklist Pull-Along Animals For Children

Age recommendation
  • In general, pull-along toys are intended for children 12 months and older who can already walk relatively safely.
  • However, children who are still crawling will also enjoy the toy and pull it towards them and push it away again.
  • You should supervise your child while playing so that the ribbon does not become a hazard.
  • Toys marked “Not suitable for children under 3 years” may contain small parts that can be swallowed.
  • Pull-along toys can help develop certain skills, including dexterity, balance and coordination.
  • Your child will be encouraged to crawl and walk.
  • In the process, he or she must pay attention to the animal, keep checking on it, and skillfully pull it along the path on the string.
  • Pull-along animals are usually made of wood .
  • You can recognize wood from sustainable forestry by the FSC certification.
  • Water-based paint is non-toxic.
  • There are also pull-along animals made of cuddly soft plush.
  • The animals can be removed when they are attached to the cart with a Velcro fastener.
  • However, cleaning often proves difficult, even if the surface is washable.
  • Plastic pull-along toys are somewhat lighter than wood and often less expensive.
  • However, the material can be contaminated by harmful substances .
  • Therefore, pay particular attention to the CE and GS marks.
  • Both seals stand for toy safety.
  • There is a wide variety of animals as pull-along toys.
  • Particularly popular are colorfully designed caterpillars, dogs and ducks with a cute appearance.
  • Partly, the pull-along animals have movable wooden bodies.
  • Here, the caterpillar wiggles forward and the dog wags its tail while pulling.
  • Sometimes there is also an Plug-in game integrated.
  • So the snail can carry a snail shell, which can be filled with wooden blocks.

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The Best Sellers Of Pull-Along Toys For Kids

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular pull-along animals for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of Pull-Along Animals For Children

Here you can find a collection of current offers of pull-along animals for children.

FAQ About Pull-Along Animals

From what age is a pull-along toy suitable?

That depends on the model and manufacturer. Most models are suitable for children from 12 months. However, you should always check the manufacturer’s age recommendations before buying.

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