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The Bestsellers Of Baby Annabell Dolls – Guidebook

Baby Annabell dolls make great gifts for young children. They are available as a cuddle version and as a life-like doll that cries, makes sounds and drinks from a bottle. Different versions guarantee that there is a suitable doll for every age.

Which versions there are, or which is the right one for your child, you can find out in our checklist. We have put together a selection of great Baby Annabell dolls for you in our product recommendations.

The Bestsellers Of Baby Annabell Dolls

We have compiled the most popular Baby Annabell dolls for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Baby Annabell Dolls

Checklist For Baby Annabell Dolls

  • Baby Annabell is offered in 4 different variants.
  • Here you can choose the doll that best suits your child and its age.
Baby Annabell for babies
  • Suitable for children from 0 years.
  • Very soft doll and therefore especially suitable for cuddling.
  • There are three doll variants.
  • Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies can be used as a great sleep aid, because it can play a self-recorded song or even a bedtime story thanks to the integrated sound module. You can record up to 5 minutes yourself. The recording is then played in a continuous loop for 30 minutes. With the voice of Mom or Dad, your darling will surely fall asleep much better.
  • Baby Annabell Sweetie for babies 22 cm is also pleasantly soft. It is available with pink and mint-colored clothes.
  • Baby Annabell Sweetie for babies 30 cm comes in a cute star outfit. This model, also soft, has an additional rattle inside.
Baby Annabell My First 30 cm
  • Baby Annabell My First is suitable as a first doll for children from 1 year old. This doll is available in two versions.
  • Firstly, as a soft doll with sleeping eyes and its own bottle. Here, children can try their hand at taking care of their doll like a baby. When the doll is placed on its back, it closes its eyes.
  • The second variant is Baby Annabell My First Cheeky Annabell. The 30 cm tall doll also has sleeping eyes and can spit out her pacifier and giggle when you press on her tummy.
Baby Annabell Little 36 cm
  • Baby Annabell Little with 36 cm is offered in five different variants at once. These dolls feature a soft fabric body and her sleeping eyes.
  • There are two princess variants. One of the princess dolls comes with a tiara and hair that can be styled.
  • Baby Annabell Little Sophia also has soft hair that is suitable for hairdressing.
  • A boy is also represented here among the dolls, in a matching blue romper. He also has his own bottle with him.
Baby Annabell 43 cm
  • The largest Baby Annabell doll, which is available in six variants.
  • These include, for example, the battery-operated feeding fun doll with lifelike functions. She can be fed, goes potty, sucks on the bottle and closes her eyes to sleep.
  • Special functions also has the battery-operated Baby Annabell Annabell. She makes baby sounds, moves her mouth, cries real doll tears, sucks on the bottle, burps and responds to tickling. She can also yawn and close her eyes.

Here you can find the top 7 most popular Baby Annabell dolls.

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Latest Deals For Baby Annabell Dolls

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Baby Annabell dolls section.

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FAQ For Baby Annabell Dolls

How big are Baby Annabell dolls?

How big Baby Annabell dolls are depends on the particular model. There are Baby Annabell dolls that are already suitable for babies. These have a size of 22 to 30 centimeters. The dolls for children over one year are slightly larger at 30 to 36 centimeters. Models for children over the age of three are also available. These are 43 centimeters tall.

How much does a Baby Annabell doll cost?

Baby Annabell dolls cost around 50 euros.

What functions does Baby Annabell have?

The Baby Annabell doll has life-like functions. For example, she can cry and drink. She also enjoys playing “Hoppe, Hoppe Reiter”. You can tell by the doll’s laughter. Other functions are, for example, the mobility of the mouth (suck).

How does Baby Annabell cry?

Annabell starts crying as soon as she gets a tummy ache from feeding too often. This is the case if you have given her the bottle 3 times in a row. Patting on the back stops the crying.

How does Baby Annabell drink?

In the body of the doll is a container that can store water. So the water from the bottle can be converted into tears.

How big is “My First Baby Annabell”?

“My First Baby Annabell” is 22 cm tall.

How long is the warranty on Baby Annabells?

The first 30 days after purchase is warranty on each doll. Self-inflicted defects are not covered by the warranty.

Baby Annabell – which batteries?

Baby Annabells require “AA” size batteries. Usually 3 or 4 are enough.

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