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The 6 Best Dolls And Cuddly Toys From Käthe Kruse – Advisor

The 6 Best Dolls And Cuddly Toys From Käthe Kruse – Advisor

Dollsand cuddly animals by Käthe Kruse are a great way for your child to improve their tactile, sensory, and motor skills . The dolls and cuddly toys are made of soft, high-quality material and accordingly the perfect cuddle partner for your child. For adults, Käthe Kruse dolls are an exciting investment, because, over the years, the dolls gain collector value.

In our product recommendations we have compared many different products from Käthe Kruse. The best dolls and cuddly toys from Käthe Kr use we have then compiled for you. Before that, however, it is worth taking a look at our checklist, which lists everything you should consider when making your selection.

Have fun!

Checklist Dolls And Cuddly Toys From Käthe Kruse

  • Käthe Kr use is characterized by its extensive range of soft toys.
  • The best known here are the dolls, these are similar in manufacture to the classic Käthe Kr use dolls from the 20th century, which are now considered collector’s items.
  • For variety, doll sets with accessories such as dresses, jackets, ballerinas, bags, and wings, so your child can dress and change the doll again and again.
  • In addition, Käthe Kruse also offers numerous cuddly toys, soft toys and cuddly toys with integrated cuddle cloth.
  • Original Käthe Kruse dolls are collector’s items and accordingly worth a lot at auctions. The older and rarer a doll is, the more interesting it is for collectors. Thus, a doll in good condition can cost up to over 2000 euros.
  • New Käthe Kruse dolls and toys are of course cheaper, these are available depending on size and accessories already for a price of 15 – 70 euros.
  • Cuddly toys and cuddle cloths from Käthe Kruse are made of soft cotton , so perfect for your child to cuddle and snuggle.
  • Käthe Kr use dolls have a similar look, the body is also made of cotton and very soft. The head, hands and legs are made of vinyl and the hair of the dolls is made of kanekalon.
  • The interaction of the different materials provides the optimal basis for training motor skills, sensory and haptics of your child.

We have collected the best and most interesting dolls and cuddly toys from Käthe Kruse.

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The Bestsellers Of Dolls And Cuddly Toys From Käthe Kruse

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular dolls and cuddly toys from Käthe Kruse for you.

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Current Offers Of Dolls And Cuddly Toys From Käthe Kruse

You can find the best current offers on Käthe Kruse dolls and cuddly toys in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Käthe Kruse 0126847 Sofia The Gardener, Green
Käthe Kruse 0126847 Sofia The Gardener, Green
23 cm Kruselings doll. Sofia wears her gardener's outfit.; For her hair, she brings her own hairbrush.
$44.00 −18% Amazon Prime

FAQ About Dolls And Cuddly Toys By Käthe Kruse

Who was Käthe Kruse?

Käthe Kruse was a German actress and doll maker. She began making dolls for her daughters in 1905, as the dolls available at the time were commonly considered immobile and unattractive. Käthe Kruse’s dolls, on the other hand, were movable and appeared lifelike. They are still popular and coveted collectibles today.

How to recognize Käthe Kruse dolls?

Original Käthe Kruse dolls can be recognized by the “Käthe Kruse” lettering, a protective mark on the wrist, and a consecutive number on the left sole of the foot.

How much do Käthe Kruse dolls cost?

New dolls and other toys from Käthe Kruse is available on average for a price of 15 – 70€. Older and rare models, however, are highly sought after by collectors and can fetch several hundred euros at auction.

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