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The 7 Best RC Drift Cars For Kids – Guidebook

RC drift cars for children are designed to facilitate drifting in curves. This increases the driving fun for all children who want a little more action with their toy car.

You can find all the important information about RC drift cars in our checklist. We have put together a great selection of different RC drift cars for kids in our product recommendations.

Checklist For RC Drift Cars

  • RC Drift are specially designed for drifting. They are suitable for smooth surfaces and are usually modeled after touring or racing cars.
  • RC cars come in many different sizes. For children, small and lightweight models in 1:36 or 1:24 scale are suitable.
  • For long-term and action-packed driving fun, RC drift cars should be made of sturdy materials such as metal or aluminum. Waterproof electronics offer additional protection.
  • The tires of an RC drift car are usually made of PVC or polyethylene. Special drift tires are smoother to make drifting easier.
  • Pre-assembled ready-to-drive models are suitable for children. You should avoid kits and models with small parts that can be swallowed for children under 6 years of age.
  • RC drift cars for children should have an electric motor. Up to the age of 14 , the RC car should not go faster than 40 km/h.
  • RC drift cars with all-wheel drive have a strong torque and are easier to control than rear-wheel drive or countersteer models.
  • Depending on the installed battery or battery power, RC drift cars can provide over 30 minutes of driving fun. After that, you need to charge the remote control car for a few hours.
Remote Control
  • Most RC cars are controlled by a radio remote control. Compact 2.4 GHz remote controls are suitable for children.
  • Some RC drift cars can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and be controlled using an associated app.
  • RC drift cars with a more complex remote control are usually only suitable from the age of 6 or 10. For younger children, simpler RC cars are recommended to avoid frustration while playing.
  • Many RC drift cars have additional functions such as light and sound effects to give you realistic driving fun.
  • Glowing headlights, realistic engine sounds and shifting noises create an exciting racing simulation for your child.
  • Special additional features include a switchable turbo, start simulation and a parking function. These additional functions allow your child more play possibilities with the RC drift car.

We have collected the best and most interesting RC drift cars for kids.

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FAQ About RC-Drift Cars

How much does an RC drift car cost?

Common RC drift cars cost between €50 and €150. Expensive models, which have often become collector’s items, sometimes cost over €500.

How does an RC drift car work?

RC drift cars are remote-controlled toy cars. The special feature of the drift range is that they are often equipped with extra-smooth drift tires to facilitate drifting.

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