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The 12 Best Sandboxes For Children – Guidebook

Buildsand castles, sift sand or drive construction vehicles. Children love to play in the sandbox!

In order for children to become engrossed in playing in the sandbox, parents must ensure that the children are protected from the sun and UV radiation. For this purpose, for example, a sandbox with a roof is suitable.

In addition, our checklist and the top 10 product recommendations will help you choose the best sandbox for your child.

Checklist For Sandboxes For Children

  • Sandboxes are made of wood or occasionally plastic.
  • The wood should be weather resistant as well as impregnated and is in any case more stable than plastic.
  • Regular treatment with varnish or oil is necessary.
  • Furthermore, you should pay attention to test seals as well as water-based paint to avoid harmful substances.
  • Sandboxes are manufactured in different motifs such as pirate ships.
  • In addition there are Sand shell, which are space-saving and can also be used as a paddling pool.
  • Many sandboxes also offer a sun canopy.
  • The larger the sandbox, the more play fun and development possible.
  • Of course, attention should be paid to the space in the garden or on the balcony.
  • Also consider the number of children playing in the sandbox. The more children, the larger the sandbox should be.
  • The entrance height should be adjusted to the height of the child.
  • If an underlay and tarpaulin are not included, they should definitely be obtained.
  • In addition, a sun canopy is advantageous. This is either fixed or even lowerable, so that it also serves as a cover.
  • Sand toys are usually not included and must be purchased separately.

Here you will find the top 12 sandboxes for children.

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The Best Sellers Of Sandboxes For Children

We have compiled the most popular sandboxes for kids for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Sandboxes For Children

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in sandboxes for children.

FAQ For Sandboxes For Children

Which sandbox is the best?

There are many good sandboxes. First, you should be aware of what size of sandbox you can put up. If there is little space available, we recommend the sand shell. This can also be filled with water for splashing. But here you should add a sunshade. If there is a lot of space in the garden, a larger sandbox is recommended. Especially sandboxes in the form of a ship are popular.

Which sand to buy for sandbox?

Unwashed sand is very easy to shape, but can easily stain. Washed sand, on the other hand, does not stain. Both types are fine-grained and are usually available at hardware stores.

Which wood for sandbox?

Larch, robinia or Douglas fir are particularly suitable as sandbox wood. These last a long time and are not very susceptible. However, with spruce, fir and pine you are cheaper.

From when sandbox?

Your child can use the sandbox as soon as he or she can sit independently. This is usually the case between 6 and 8 months. However, be sure to keep an eye on your child so that he or she does not put sand in his or her mouth.

Sandbox: How deep?

The depth of a sandbox should be about 20 to 40 cm. Depending on how old your child is, a deeper sandbox is recommended for older children.

How long do children play in the sandbox?

There is no general answer to this question. Some children play in the sandbox up to 10 years, others only up to 6 years. Of course, this varies from child to child and depends on the stage of development.

How much does sand cost for the sandbox?

In the Baumakt you get play sand for about 30 €. Some brands are more expensive, and on the Internet you can even buy sandbags for as little as €15.

How often should the sand in the sandbox be changed?

It is enough to change the sand about once a year.

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