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The 8 Best Schleich Horse Farms – Guidebook

SaleComparison winner of the editors Schleich 13761 Arabian Mare Toy Figure

The 8 Best Schleich Horse Farms – Guidebook

Schleich riding stables offer authentic play fun with their detailed replicas. A Schleich horse farm is the perfect complement for your child’s Schleich horse. Schleich also offers you a wide selection of riding stables and various accessories. We have ensured in our checklist that you keep the overview, in which we have filtered out the most important information. In the product recommendation, we have finally compiled the best Schleich riding stables on the market for you.

Have fun browsing!

Checklist For Schleich Horse Farms

  • Already children from 3 years can play with horses from Schleich.
  • Older children also have a lot of funwith the beautiful animal figures.
  • Sets from Schleich that contain small parts as accessories are often only suitable for children over the age of 5.
Learning and Fun Factor
  • Children love to invent their own imaginative adventures with a Schleich horse farm and live out their creativity while playing.
  • Furthermore, playing with the horse figures and the horse farm backdrops promotes motor skills.
  • Schleich horse farms are available in different sets and with different accessories.
  • Many sets offer accessories such as a trailer for the horses or a riding arena.
  • With these play elements, children can freely design the riding stable of their dreams.
  • Horses from Schleich faithfully reproduce different breeds of horses
  • Small accessories such as horse blankets, halters or saddles make the play fun particularly realistic.
  • Schleich is known for producing high quality and durable products.
  • Detailed realism characterizes the figures and ensures a lot of fun while playing.

Recommendable Schleich Riding Stables

We have collected the best and most interesting Schleich horse farms.

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The Best Sellers Of Schleich Horse Farms

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular Schleich riding farms for you.

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Current Offers At Schleich-Reiterhöfe

You can find the best current offers for Schleich riding stables in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Schleich 13761 Arabian Mare Toy Figure
Schleich 13761 Arabian Mare Toy Figure
Individually Hand Painted Figures; Promotes Imaginative Play; Educational Toy; Extremely Lifelike
$17.46 −12% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
Schleich Bridegroom Smurf
Schleich Bridegroom Smurf
The smurf groom is very happy, because he's getting Married today.; Great collectible item!
$15.59 −36%

FAQ About Schleich-Reiterhöfe

From when Schleich animals suitable?

Generally speaking, children can play with Schleich toys from about 3 years old. However, there are also Schleich products that contain small parts and are therefore only suitable for children from about 5 years.

How long has Schleich been around?

The Schleich company was founded as early as 1935. The first Schleich figures came on the market in 1946. These were dolls made of wire and wood, covered with velvet

How many Schleich horses are there?

There are 600 different Schleich horse figures.

What is Schleich?

Schleich is a toy manufacturer from Germany that produces particularly detailed and high-quality play figures that delight children all over the world.

What Schleich horses are there?

A wide variety of horse breeds are available as Schleich horses. Often, even entire families of different breeds are recreated and mares, stallions and foals of a breed are available for purchase.

How much do Schleich figures cost?

Schleich horse farms cost between about 45 euros and 115 euros, depending on how fancy the model should be.

What are Schleich animals made of?

Schleich animals are made of ABS, PVC or TPE.

How big are Schleich figures?

The average Schleich figure is 0.080m tall.

How are Schleich horses made?

Molten ABS, PVC or TPE is pressed into a plastic mold using an injection molding machine.

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