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The 10 Best Star Wars Toys – Guidebook

Star Wars fans watch out. In this guide, we present you with the best Star Wars toys. They are ideal for collectors and fans. In the product recommendations, you will find some toys linked.

The checklist gives you an insight into what Star Wars toys are available and from what age they are suitable. May the Force be with you when you play.

Checklist For Star Wars Toys

Age Recommendation
  • Basically, you should consider the information from the manufacturers. However, your personal assessment of your child is even more important.
  • Most Star Wars toys, including plush figures, are only approved for children over the age of three. This is because they are often equipped with small parts that can be swallowed or electronics. But there are, of course, a few exceptions.
  • The Star Wars universe is complex and very young children cannot yet grasp this. A lack of enthusiasm on the part of the little ones may be disappointing for you. However, by elementary school age at the latest, most children will jump in enthusiastically and enjoy Jedi, Sith, and Yoda.
Different Approaches To Play
  • LEGO: Probably the biggest Star Wars merchandise is presented by LEGO. There is an entire Star Wars section there. Collectible figures and playable sets make up the bulk of this section.
  • From three-piece sets to the 7500-piece Millennium Falcon, LEGO makes the hearts of all Star Wars fans beat faster. Remember, however, that your kids want to play with LEGO and extremely elaborate builds are more appropriate as decorations.
  • Start from about 4 years.
  • Playmobil: Similar to the Danish company, Playmobil presents entire Star Wars worlds. The biggest difference is probably that all figures and sets are created completely for play.
  • Beginning at about age 6.
  • Games: Meanwhile, there is a whole range of PC, board, and board games that revolve around the Star Wars universe. Very popular, for example, are the Escape games, which are ideal for older children.
  • They start at around 6 years of age.
  • Action figures: Of course, action figures are a must in the world of Star Wars toys. However, you must pay attention to the differences. Some action figures are more for collecting. Others are robust and tough, forgive crashes, or even the forgotten night in the garden.
  • Start from approx. 5 years.
  • Play worlds: The Star Wars play worlds represent something very special. These are fold-out heads or spaceships in which numerous play scenes from the films and series can be recreated with really very small figures. Start from approx. 8 years.

We have collected the best and most interesting Star Wars toys.

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FAQ For Star Wars Toys

Who invented Star Wars?

The inventor of Star Wars is George Lucas. He is also the producer of the films of the same name.

How many Star Wars parts are there?

There are 12 Star Wars movies in total. Some of them are animated. Many films were also made after the fact. The actual Star Wars series originally consisted of three films and then six.

Who is streaming Star Wars?

Star Wars is currently available on Disney Plus and can be streamed through it. Of course, the films can also be purchased on DVD/Bluray.

Where was Star Wars filmed?

Star Wars was filmed in Tunisia.

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