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The 27 Best Tonies Figurines For Children – Guidebook

Tonies for kids are a super nice activity for your child. But the choice is huge. To find the best tonics, check out our product recommendations. You’re sure to find the right Tonie for your child. So you can guarantee your child a few minutes of fun listening.

To make sure you are well informed about Tonies, take a look at our checklist. There you will find everything you need to know.

Checklist For Tonies Figures

Age Recommendation
  • The Toniebox is so easy to use that it is suitable for ages as young as 1.5 years.
  • Tonie figures are available with audio plays and as music-only figures.
  • Audio plays are suitable from about 3 to 4 years. The radio plays are then divided into several short stories of a few minutes, sometimes interrupted with songs.
  • Radio plays are also available for older children, in which case the stories are more complex and longer.
  • Music Tonies contain several songs that encourage children to dance and sing along. They are suitable for toddlers as young as 1 year old.
  • Running time per Tonie usually between 40 to 60 minutes.
Function And Operation
  • Tonie figures can only be played with the Toniebox.
  • The Tonie figures consist of a hand-painted figure in which a chip is integrated.
  • The Tonie figures can also be played with.
  • To play the content, the Tonie figure is simply placed on the Toniebox.
  • Creative Tonies are not filled with content, but are empty. You can save your own stories, audio books or music on them.
  • To change a Ton ie, simply remove the Tonie from the Toniebox and place another figure on top. Even the youngest children can do this themselves.
  • Both the Toniebox and the Tonie figures are childproof and robustly built
  • Operation is intuitive and precisely tailored to the needs and abilities of children.
  • The Toniebox must be connected to the Internet (Wifi) to activate and synchronize. No Internet is required to play the Tonie figures themselves.
  • There are many different Tonie figures that are visually designed according to their content.
  • Your child can already tell what content is on the Tonie by its appearance.
  • Creative Ton ies come in many different variations, such as superhero, mermaid, astronaut or pirate.
  • Choose the Tonies according to your child’s needs
  • The selection is huge and is constantly being expanded.

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The Best Sellers Of Tonies Figurines For Children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular Tonies figurines for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of Tonies Figurines For Children

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FAQ Tonie Figurines

Which Tonie figures are there?

There are many Tonie figures. There are well-known classics, such as Maya the Bee, Benjamin the Little Flower and Bibi Blocksberg. But there are also Disney characters as Tonies

Which Tonie figurines are the best?

Tonie figures that play music are extremely popular. Songs encourage singing and dancing, which is a lot of fun for kids

How many Tonie figures are there?

There are approximately over 200 Tonie figures (as of 2020 April). However, more are still being produced.

Where can Tonie figures be purchased?

You can buy Tonies in bookstores, toy stores, electronics stores, but also in larger supermarkets. Many online retailers also offer Tonies

How do I activate a Tonie character?

To activate a Tonie, simply place the Tonie on the Tonie Box

What are Creative Tonies?

Creative Tonies are empty figures that you can record yourself. Here you can get creative.

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