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The 9 Best Race Tracks Cars From Carrera First – Guidebook

Carrera First’s race tracks and cars are especially suitable for younger children and are therefore designed to be relatively simple. This is also important, as your child would quickly be overwhelmed with large and demanding race tracks. Your child will certainly enjoy playing with one of these for a longer period of time and will have lots of fun with the small cars, which can be selected from many different theme worlds.

To help you choose the right Carrera First racetrack, we have put together a checklist for you. In addition, our product recommendations are also worth a closer look. Here you will find many different models from Carrera First.

Checklist For Carrera First

  • The Carrera First series is specially designed for young children aged 3 and over and is intended as an introduction to racing tracks.
  • The tracks are not suitable for children under the age of 3. Among other things, there is a risk of injury from small parts that can be swallowed.
  • Most Carrera First models are interesting between 3 and 6 years. After that, you can buy your child a more advanced Carrera track.
Features For Children From 3 Years
  • Carrera First tracks are designed to be especially suitable for small children. This means that the cars cannot fly off the track and assembly is very simple.
  • Ergonomic hand controllers specially designed for children over 3 ensure optimum fun.
  • To meet the interests of small children, the tracks are aligned to different theme worlds or series. For example, Mario Kart, Cars, or Paw Patrol are on offer.
  • In addition to themed sets, you can also buy individual cars with specific figures sitting in them. Carrera has, among others, “Chase” (Paw Patrol), “Dinoco Cruz” (Cars), or “Yoshi” (Mario Kart) to choose from. Many more figures are available.
On The Road
  • Carrera First tracks are battery-operated and are therefore ideal for use outside the home and can be taken anywhere, for example on vacation.
  • Most models offer a playing time of about 6 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.
Size And Speed
  • The common speed of vehicles on Carrera First tracks is 5 km/h.
  • The standard track length for many models in this series is 2.4 meters. So think carefully in advance about whether you have enough space at home.

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The Best Sellers Of Carrera First Racetracks And Cars

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular race tracks and cars from Carrera First for you.

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Current Offers Of Race Tracks And Cars From Carrera First

Here you will find a collection of the current offers on race tracks and cars from Carrera First.

FAQ About Carrera First

What is a Carrera First?

The Carrera First is suitable for smaller children, which is why this racetrack is designed to be relatively simple. Therefore, your child can easily control it with a hand controller. The track can also be expanded with many small cars.

Which Carrera track is the best?

Which Carrera track is the best for your child is up to you. Take into account the interests and needs of your child, but also note that the track is appropriate for the age of your child

From what age is the Carrera First suitable?

The analog Carrera First can be used from the age of 3. Do not buy your child such a racetrack earlier than this, as there is a risk of choking and your child may choke on small parts

How much does a Carrera First cost?

The Carrera First usually costs around 30 euros. If you want to buy additional cars, you will of course have to add these on as well

What theme worlds are available for the Carrera First?

For example, you can buy Pixar Cars, Mario Kart, Mickey or Paw Patrol tracks for your child. You can also purchase specific cars such as the Mini Cooper or a Ferrari

How is the Carrera First operated?

The Carrera First requires special batteries. You should therefore find out in advance which batteries you actually need so that your child can enjoy around 6 hours of fun afterwards

How big is a Carrera First?

The Carrera First is 2.4 m long. Therefore, consider whether your child has enough space at home to play

How fast is a Carrera First?

The vehicles on the racetrack can reach speeds of up to 5 km/h

How is the Carrera First constructed?

The Carrera First has various narrow sections, traffic circles and loops on the track, which the vehicle has to negotiate. Sound or music functions provide additional and realistic fun

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