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The 8 Best Dressing Tables For Children – Guidebook

The 8 Best Dressing Tables For Children – Guidebook

Dressing tables are especially popular with girls and women. But guys can also use the dressing table wonderfully. Besides make-up and facial care, you can fix your hairstyle well there, for example.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve picked out the best dressing tables for kids and immortalized the most important buying criteria in a comprehensive checklist. Have fun reading and shopping!

Checklist For Dressing Tables For Children

  • Dressing tables are already available in suitable design for children from 3 years.
  • Here, the age recommendation of the manufacturer and the dimensions of the table should be observed.
  • Those who attach importance to it, should make sure that the dressing table is appropriately pre-assembled and can then be easily assembled at home.
  • In this context, you can check in advance whether additional tools are needed for assembly.
  • Attachments should not just be loose on the table, if possible, but should be able to be fastened so that they do not slip or fall off.
  • Most makeup tables come directly with the matching chair or stool.
  • Drawers or drawer inserts provide ample storage space for makeup and accessories.
  • Drawer dividers are practical, allowing makeup to be sorted neatly in the drawers.
  • As a rule, the dressing tables also come with a mirror – in some models this can even be swivelled.
  • Some dressing tables already come with some beauty accessories such as a comb, perfume bottle or bangle that can be sorted right away.
  • Safety features can include non-slip floor glides for table and chair legs or even an anti-tip for wall anchoring.
  • Some models come with great extras that add entertainment value.
  • So there are dressing tables with lighting, with battery-powered hairdryer that makes real blower sounds or with sound function.
  • Makeup tables that fold up and can then be used as a mobile makeup case are practical – great for traveling and space-saving storage.
  • Mainly make-up tables are made of plastic or wood.
  • Wood usually looks particularly valuable and often offers greater stability. Lacquered surfaces are also usually scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Plastic is considered particularly easy to clean and lighter in weight.
  • Plastic dressing tables offer more flexibility – for example, the additional use as a make-up case on wheels.
  • The mirror is not always made of real glass – mirror foils are often used to prevent potential injuries.
  • Make-up tables are available in various designs and colors, especially delicate colors such as white or pink are popular.
  • The tables are fond of romantic country style , including curved table legs a baroque-inspired mirror.
  • Playful motifs such as little crowns or princess-style decorations are also typical.
  • Likewise, you can find very classic, purist and elegant models without flashy accents.

We have compiled the best and most interesting dressing tables. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Dressing Tables

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular dressing tables for you.

# Preview Product
1 Vabches Kids Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool, Children Makeup Dressing Table with Lights, Princess...
2 Nromant Kids Vanity Table and Chair Set, Girls Vanity Set with Stool, Tri-Folding Mirror, Makeup...
3 Costzon Kids Vanity, 2 in 1 Princess Makeup Desk & Chair Set with Detachable Tri-Folding Mirror,...
4 VIVOHOME Kids Vanity Set, Princess MDF Makeup Dressing Table with 360° Rotating Mirror and Drawers...
5 Kovhzcu Kids Vanity Table and Chair Set, Princess Makeup Vanity with Detachable Tri-Folding Mirror,...
6 BRINJOY Kids Vanity Set, 2-in-1 Wooden Makeup Table & Stool w/Detachable Tri-fold Mirror, Pretend...
7 Kids Vanity - Little Girls Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool, Wooden 2 in 1 Toddler Vanity Makeup...
8 INFANS Kids Vanity, 2 in 1 Princess Makeup Desk & Chair Set with Tri-Folding Detachable Mirror,...
9 UTEX Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table and Chair Vanity Set with Mirror Makeup Dressing Table with...
10 AKUSTIK Kids Vanity, 2 in 1 White Wooden Dressing Table and Chair Set for Toddlers with Tri-Folding...
11 JOYMOR Kids Vanity Set with 3 Drawers and Real Mirror, Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set, Makeup...
12 Costzon Kids Vanity Table & Chair Set, 2 in 1 Princess Makeup Dressing Table w/Detachable Top,...
13 Kids Vanity Princess Makeup Desk & Chair Set with Tri-Folding Detachable Mirror and Stool Pretend...
14 HONEY JOY Kids Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror, 2 in 1 Princess Toddler Dressing Table w/Drawer,...
15 HONEY JOY Kids Vanity Set with Mirror, Toddler Wooden Vanity Table with Stool & Drawer, Removable...
16 Costzon Kids Vanity, Girls Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool and Lights, Drawer, Jewelry Rack, 2 in 1...
17 HONEY JOY Kids Vanity, Strawberry Princess Wooden Makeup Dressing Table & Chair Set w/Real Glass...
18 GAOMON Kids Vanity, Girls Vanity Table with Mirror, Light,Stool & Drawer, 2 in 1 Wooden Princess...
19 Kids Vanity Table & Stool Set, Girls Vanity Set with Detachable Tri-Folding Mirror and Drawer, 2 in...
20 HONEY JOY Kids Vanity Set, Toddler Beauty Makeup Dressing Table w/Stool & Drawer, Tri-Fold Silver...

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Current Offers On Dressing Tables

You can find the best current offers on dressing tables in this list.

FAQ For Dressing Tables

What is a dressing table?

A dressing table is a table made specifically for putting on makeup or otherwise grooming (hair styling and styling, facial care). Therefore, a dressing table usually has a mirror and provides separate storage space for cosmetics and grooming products.

What lamp for dressing table?

Some dressing tables are already equipped with suitable lighting. However, often the need is eliminated by placing the dressing table by the window. However, in the evening and without the sun, the incidence of light is missing. For this purpose you can buy suitable lighting. Especially popular are small light balls, which are attached to the mirror. Note that depending on the type of artificially generated light, the make-up may look different in daylight. With daylight-like white light you are on the safe side. In addition to the light globes, there are also special mirror lights for sale. Standing lamps can also be useful – depending on the room.

How much does a dressing table cost?

The cost of a dressing table varies depending on the size, material and equipment. Good dressing tables for children cost between 30 and 130 euros, with the inexpensive versions usually suitable for small children and made of plastic. Dressing tables for adults are often much more expensive, 120 to over 500 euros can cost such a table – depending on the brand, material, equipment, design and size.

What belongs on a dressing table?

What belongs on a dressing table, can not be answered in a general way, because each person uses different utensils. In any case, a good mirror is important. In addition, there are hair care products (e.g. hair brushes, hair ties and clips, combs, hair oils, …) and, depending on your needs, make-up and products for facial care (creams, oils, masks, …). Some people also put their perfume bottles.

What lighting for dressing table?

Lighting at the dressing table should be very similar to daylight, so that there is no visual difference of makeup and other facial treatments, depending on the environment. Therefore, white light is particularly suitable.

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