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The 7 Best LEGO Duplo Sets For Girls – Guidebook

LEGO Duplo sets for girls have, among other things, a high educational value, because your child trains his fine motor skills and at the same time gets a feeling for shapes and colors. In addition, the bricks are very durable and can therefore be used over a long period of time.

To help you find the right LEGO duplo set for girls , we have created a suitable checklist for you. In our product recommendations you will find specific examples of LEGO duplo sets for girls.

Checklist LEGO Duplo Sets For Girls

  • LEGO Duplo sets for girls can be recognized by typical colors and designs.
  • Girls sets include building blocks in pink, rose and pastel shades.
  • Princesses, children’s figures, horses, unicorns, houses or castlesincluding furnishings appeal especially to girls.
  • Girls also like strollers with parent and baby figures.
  • Cakes, ice cream and flowers are also popular with girls.
Age Recommendation
  • LEGO Duplo for girls is suitable for children from 1.5 years, depending on the design.
  • Pay attention to the age rating.
  • Girls sets for toddlers contain only large building blocks.
  • LEGO Duplo sets for older girls may contain swallowable small parts that can be dangerous for younger children.
  • LEGO friends is only recommended for ages 4 and up , as these sets contain smaller building blocks.
  • Make sure younger siblings do not put small parts in their mouths!
  • Many different designs and set sizes available.
  • Small sets are suitable for on the go.
  • Sets with many individual parts and entire building sets, such as castles, houses or a theme park, are suitable for the children’s room.
  • Well-known Disney or movie characters, but also classic LEGO Duplo figures, inspire the imagination.
  • All building blocks are compatible with each other and set hardly any limits in the design!
  • Special bricks, surprise bags, animals, vehicles and figures are also available separately.
  • You can also buy basic building blocks separately, also in the typical girls’ colors.
  • You can always expand your existing assortment.
  • Storage boxes are offered separately in many colors and are often stackable to save space .
Educational Value
  • LEGO Duplo encourages your child’s creativitywith its many building possibilities.
  • It trains fine motor skills, but equally the recognition of colors, shapes, objects, numbers and counting.
  • Animal and human figures invite imaginative role play.
  • Building together with siblings, friends and parents promotes social behavior.
  • LEGO stands for high quality toys for all ages.
  • All building blocks comply with the current regulations for children’s toys.
  • LEGO Duplo is made of plastic free of harmful substances.
  • The building blocks are durable, even over several generations.

We have collected the best and most interesting LEGO duplo sets for girls.

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The Best Sellers Of LEGO Duplo Sets For Girls

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular LEGO duplo sets for girls for you.

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FAQ LEGO Duplo Sets For Girls

What is a LEGO duplo set for girls?

LEGo duplo sets are suitable for younger children who have not previously come into contact with LEGO bricks. Here they can gain their first building experience before moving on to the big LEGO bricks.

How much does a LEGO duplo set for girls cost?

Depending on the equipment, the sets can sometimes cost up to 70 euros or more. In our product recommendations, however, you can also find cheaper sets for about 30 euros. Just take a look!

What do LEGO duplo sets for girls look like?

LEGO duplo sets for girls are predominantly in shades of pink. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. For example, your girl can build castles or a theme park. But also matching accessories such as unicorns, cakes or ice cream are certainly very popular with your child.

From what age are LEGO duplo sets for girls suitable?

LEGO duplo bricks for girls are usually suitable from 1.5 years. However, make sure that the bricks do not have any small parts that can be swallowed, so that your child does not choke on them. LEGO friends, on the other hand, is only suitable from the age of 4, as these bricks already have small parts.

Why are LEGO duplo sets suitable for girls?

Your girl can be creative with LEGO duplo sets and playfully learn different shapes and colors. The bricks can also be rearranged and combined again and again. This also equally trains the fine motor skills of your child. In addition, you spend valuable time with your child when you play together. This promotes, among other things, the social behavior of your child.

What material are LEGO duplo sets for girls made of?

LEGO duplo sets are made of plastic that is free of harmful substances. They are therefore of high quality and do not break down too quickly. Therefore, they are also very durable and can be used for many generations after proper use.

How can LEGO duplo bricks be cleaned?

You should clean the LEGO duplo bricks regularly, because your girl will certainly explore the bricks with her mouth often. Bacteria will quickly accumulate, so regular cleaning with a damp cloth is essential.

How can LEGO duplo sets be stored?

LEGO itself offers various storage boxes, which have different sizes. These are even very space-saving, as they can be placed on top of each other.

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