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The 12 Best Playmobil Horses – Guidebook

Comparison winner of the editors Playmobil Horse Trio

The 12 Best Playmobil Horses – Guidebook

The horse is the dream of many children, especially girls are often excited about the elegant animals. Playmobil makes the dream a reality with its Playmobil horses. Your child can put together his own little horse farm with the playsets around the theme of horses and dive into the world of horses.

We have summarized the most important criteria for buying Playmobil playsets in our checklist for you. In our product recommendations you will find suitable playsets on the theme of horses.

Checklist For Playmobil Horse Sets

  • Make sure that the Playmobil horses are suitable for your child. It is enough if you take a look at the age recommendation of the manufacturer. You can usually find this on the front of the package, usually printed in small letters in one corner . This is how the information typically looks:”4+” (from 4 years),”4-10″ (useful for 4- to 10-year-old children),”5-12″ (educationally good for 5- to 12-year-olds).
  • Most Playmobil horse playsets are intended for children ages 4 and up, sometimes as young as 5.
  • Are you looking for Playmobil horses for a toddler 36 months and up? Then the Playmobil 1-2-3 series is right for you. You can recognize the corresponding models by the yellow instead of blue packaging. In the sets of the 1-2-3 series, the individual parts are larger and more rounded, which minimizes the risk of the child swallowing.
  • Playmobil offers many different horse models.
  • Simple and inexpensive versions often consist only of a horse with a rider or rider and some accessories.
  • Complex and more expensive horse playsets from Playmobil present themselves extensively assembled and designed in great detail , for example, as a large riding arena, a pony or riding stable.
  • Some models are based on popular movies and TV series.
  • Size plays an important role when choosing a Playmobil horse set.
  • If your child wants to play with the horses and accessories on the go, your chosen set should be rather small with relatively large individual parts, so that it can be easily transported and no element can be lost so easily.
  • Playmobil also offers practical take-away horse sets. These you can easily fold compactly into a portable case.
  • If the Playmobil horse playset is intended for home or another fixed location, any model will do.
  • Regardless of which horse set you choose: You always have the option to expand it with all sorts of accessories and specifically increase the fun for your child. How about a horse transporter, for example, or even vaulting training for the Playmobil riding stable?

Here you can find the top 12 most popular Playmobil Horses.

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The Best Sellers Of Playmobil Horses

We have compiled the most popular Playmobil horses for you in this bestseller list.

Current Offers For Playmobil Horses

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Playmobil Horses section.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Playmobil Horse Riding Tournament
The photographer gets up close to take some lovely pictures of the horse and riders.; A champion's wreath is given to the competition winner.
$34.99 −8%
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
Playmobil Pony Set
Check out these strong, majestic animals that are ready to go on an adventure.; Each horse has a harness for the riders to help steer.
$14.99 −20%
SaleBestseller Nr. 3
Playmobil Ponies with Foals
Visit with these beautiful animals on the pony farm.; Watch how the adult horses show the little ones how to gallop across the field.
$12.99 −23%
SaleBestseller Nr. 4
Playmobil Car with Pony Trailer
The SUV with removable roof seats two figures in the front and has storage in the back.; The hitch on the back of the vehicle makes it simple to attach the pony trailer.
$49.99 −40%
SaleBestseller Nr. 5
Playmobil My Figures: Horse Ranch
Groom the horse and get him ready for a ride.; With so many options create a figure as unique as you!
$39.99 −13%
SaleBestseller Nr. 6
Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit River Challenge
Watch as Pru and Daphne take on the River Challenge; Daphne must figure out how to properly saddle a horse to be able to earn her badge
$29.99 −40%
SaleBestseller Nr. 7
Playmobil Adventure Pony Ride
Follow the sign pointing down the nature trail to the open fields.; Walk along the path to find the horses drinking water from the creek.
$23.99 −38%
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
PLAYMOBIL Horse Stable with Araber Building Set
Care for your horse at the Horse Stable with Araber; The horse and trainer have color-coordinated accessories
$32.99 −30%
SaleBestseller Nr. 9
Playmobil Horse Grooming Station Building Set
Get your horse show ready with the horse grooming station; Recommended for ages five to twelve
$34.99 −16%
SaleBestseller Nr. 10
Playmobil Horse Veterinarian
Help to nurse the horse back to health with the horse veterinarian.; Carefully place the x-ray shield on the horse so he stays safe during his exam.
$21.99 −7%

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FAQ Playmobil Horses

How much does a Playmobil horse cost?

Smaller Playmobil horses with few accessories cost between 10 and 30 euros. Larger farms with more accessories cost about 60 euros. Extensive horse farms cost up to about 100 euros.

What is the name of the farm series of Playmobil?

The farm series from Playmobil is called: Playmobil Country.

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