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The 5 Best Children’s Skis – Guide

For a great skiing vacation with your child, your child needs the right children’s skis. So that you know what to look for when buying, we have created a checklist. In addition, we have linked you to many high-quality children’s skis in our product recommendations. Just have a look there!

Checklist For Children Skis

  • Up to the height of 1.60m or a weight of 55kg should be used children’s skis. The carving ski brand is very much in the lead here. These are specially designed for beginners and occasional skiers, as they are very easy to ski with and there are no drastic consequences if you do something wrong.
  • Adult skis come into question when at least one of the two values is exceeded.
  • The choice of color is completely up to your child. There are children’s skis in all sorts of colors. From plain colors like gray and heavy to a bright yellow or pink.
  • Beginners: ski length to armpit/shoulder.
  • Upto 135cm: ski length to nose/mouth/chin.
  • Up to 155cm: ski length to nose/forehead.
  • If your child is more experienced in skiing, the ski length can be + 7 cm.
  • If your child is a little stronger, orientate yourself to the upper limit. If your child is a little more petite, use the lower limit.
  • The binding is often included in the purchase.
  • It is important that the mounting and adjustment of the binding is done by a professional. This knows exactly how it works and especially how the Z-value should be set.
  • In order for your child to ski safely, the right ski equipment is needed.
  • This includes a good ski suit and suitable ski boots as well as a ski helmet. These will keep your child warm and protect them in the event of a fall.
  • It is also important that the binding is properly adjusted and that your child skis with the correct length. Beginners should never ski with the longest skis.
  • The right ski poles are also part of good safe ski equipment.
  • However, your child should be able to open and close the binding independently.

Here you will find the top 5 among the most popular children’s skis.

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The Best Sellers Of Children’s Ski

We have compiled the most popular children’s skis for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Kids Ski

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of children’s ski.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Arctix Kids Insulated Snow Bib Overalls, Black, Medium
Arctix Kids Insulated Snow Bib Overalls, Black, Medium
100 percent polyester dobby thermalock fabric; 85 grams thermatech insulation that keeps warmth in and cold out
$39.99 −26%
SaleBestseller Nr. 3
Thorlos Kids KS Snow Padded Over the Calf Sock, Pink, Small
Thorlos Kids KS Snow Padded Over the Calf Sock, Pink, Small
Designed to allow children to enjoy all snow activities in warmth and comfort.; Unique shin pad protects against boot bite common in kids ski and pack boots
$17.99 −12%
SaleBestseller Nr. 4
Arctix Kids Dancing Bear Insulated Snow Suit, Black, Medium
Arctix Kids Dancing Bear Insulated Snow Suit, Black, Medium
ADJUSTABILITY: Adjustable storm hood. Inner storm cuff for added protection and comfort
$74.99 −18%
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
Arctix Kids Snow Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat, Black, Medium
Arctix Kids Snow Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat, Black, Medium
Adjustable waist for comfortable fit; Convenient O ring for keys, gloves, and/or lift tickets
$34.00 −29%

FAQ About Kinderski

Children’s skis: What length?

Beginners should start with a ski length up to the armpits or shoulder. Children up to 135cm are recommended a length up to the nose or chin and those up to 155cm up to the forehead. In addition, narrower children should go for shorter skis and stronger ones for longer ones.

How much do children’s skis cost?

Children’s skis start in price from 25€. However, the price rises to over 100€. This depends on the age group and therefore the length of the children’s skis.

From what age is skiing recommended?

Already children from 3 to 4 years can start skiing. The muscles are mostly strong enough for it from this age. The sooner children start, the better.

How do children learn to ski?

Either you teach your child to ski yourself or you enroll them in a ski school.

How long does it take until children can ski?

There is no general answer to this question. It varies from child to child. As a rule, however, it can be said that after 3 days of lessons, success can already be seen.

How dangerous is skiing?

There is an increased risk of accidents if you ski off-piste or exaggerate your speed. Most accidents happen because the rules are not followed and are therefore self-inflicted.

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