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The 13 Best Kids Bobs – Guide

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The 13 Best Kids Bobs – Guide

Sledding is popular with everyone. No matter if big or small. Driving through the snowy landscape is a magical moment for many. So that your child can also go sledding, a children’s bobsled is recommended. Children’s bobsleds are sleds made especially for children. So your child will have a lot of fun in the snow.

You will surely find a suitable model in our product recommendations. So that you are well prepared and know everything about children’s bobsleds, take a look at our checklist.

Checklist For Children Bobs

  • In the winter months or for winter vacations, a children’s bob is just the thing for joyful outdoor activities.
  • If you want to try the modern version of the sled – namely the colorful and stylish plastic “tubs”, a children’s bob is always a good choice.
  • These are ergonomically shaped and available as one and two-seaters. So you can lie in it together with your child and off you go into the adventure!
  • If you don’t like to lie in it, models with a backrest are recommended. Bobs with a backrest are also more suitable for toddlers.
  • There are different types of bobsleds. The simple models “without anything”, steering and braking bobs, bobs with runners , toddler models and Zipfelbobs, which can be driven from 8 years.
  • The bobs are available in many different colors and equipment. Some have a steering wheel, while others are controlled by shifting weight.
  • Toddlers sit best in bobsleds with a safety harness and high sides.
  • If you decide on a model with steering, your child should be at least 3 years old.
  • From the age of 6, larger models can be driven.
  • Bobsleds for children should of course be safe. Therefore, always choose a TÜV – or at least GS – tested model. Pay attention to the good workmanship of the material: is everything smooth and flawless, or are there defective spots?
  • It is also advisable to choose bright colors. Your child is sure to like them anyway, and besides, he or she will always be clearly visible – even if it’s a bit gloomy outside. All bobsleds have a string or ribbon to pull.
  • In addition to the wide range of models, the light weight of the children’s bobsled is a clear advantage over the heavier models made of wood. In addition, bobsleds are sturdy and easy to clean and can not rust. Their large contact surface makes them easy to steer and, if they have a steering or braking device, they are also particularly safe.

Here you can find the top 13 most popular kids bobsleds.

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The Best Sellers Of Kids Bobs

We have compiled the most popular kids bobsleds for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Kinderbobs

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the children’s bobsleigh section.

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FAQ About The Kids Bob

When can children start sledding?

At the age of 3, children can ride a sled on their own. Larger models can be driven from the age of 6. However, an adult should always supervise.

What is a bobsled?

Bobsleds are great sleds for kids. They score points for their light weight, steering and safety.

What sleds for toddlers?

For toddlers, children’s bobs made of plastic are quite suitable. With a safety belt is also provided for the necessary safety of the child. Because of the plastic material, the sled can also be pulled by your child independently.