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The 15 Best Wooden Sledges For Children – Guidebook

What could be better than sledding in the winter? Especially children love tobogganing.

The selection of wooden sleds for children is large. To make your purchase decision easier and to give you a better overview of the different models, we have taken a closer look at the wooden sleds for children and compared individual products.

In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these wooden sleds for kids.

Checklist For Wooden Sledges

  • The manufacturer’s age recommendation should always be considered.
  • Children 1 year and older should ride on a two-seater sled with a backrest with an adult safely steering the sled.
  • Children6 years and older may ride a sled alone. However, only under the supervision of an adult. However, one should always consider the individual development in order not to take any risk.
  • The quality is in the foreground. When buying, look for the TÜV test seal.
  • For children, there are extra sleds with safety belts, so they can not fall off.
  • Also pay attention to the material. Your sled should be made of high-quality solid wood.
  • Sleds made of plastic can break more easily.
Seat and Load Capacity
  • Before buying, consider how many people will ride on the sled.
  • As a rule, a wooden sled of 110 cm can carry a maximum weight of 180 kg. However, this can vary. Therefore, the manufacturer’s specifications should be followed.
  • Horn sled : classic model, curved runners in the front area (horns), backrest for several people, very robust and long ride, not suitable for little snow, not very space-saving due to the size (should be considered if you want to transport the sled by car).
  • Davoser sled: curved runners in the front end at seat level.
  • Both models have good gliding properties, but can easily tip over.
  • Bob sled: not as robust as a wooden sled, but lighter, faster and better in little snow. Often with additional features such as steering wheel, side Bremen or skids to steer. These are ideal for light children.
  • Alternatives: snow slides and steerable bobsleds.
  • Some sleds have a padded seat and/or (as already described above) a safety belt. This guarantees comfortable and safe riding fun.
  • Folding sled: A folding sled can be folded by hinges. This makes the sled easy to transport and it is very space-saving. This variant is great to take along on trips.
  • Baby sled: This is a sled with a warm footmuff and backrest. It can be used similarly to a stroller, because it can be easily pushed or pulled through the snow. The foot bag is usually removable.

We have collected the best and most interesting wooden sledges for children.

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The Best Sellers Of Wooden Sledges For Children

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Current Offers Of Wooden Sledges For Children

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FAQ About Wooden Sledges

How expensive is a wooden sled?

It ranges in price from 50 to 150€. It depends on the size, load capacity and the type of sled.

Horn sled or Davos sled?

Both types of sleds offer largely the same advantages and disadvantages. They have a good gliding ability, but can also tip over from time to time. Accordingly, which model is chosen is primarily a matter of taste.

Wooden sled: Which size?

Wooden sleds are available from 90 to 110 cm. The size should be decided according to how many people want to sit on the sled.

Which sledge for small children?

Children up to 6 years old should only sled together with an adult. From 6 years, children can sled alone. A sled with a safety harness is best for this purpose. Steerable bobsleds or snow slides would also be suitable.

Which sled if there is little snow?

If there is only a little snow or powder, a light sled or bobsled should be used. Snow slides are also good for little snow. If there is more/lots of snow, a heavy wooden sled can be used.

What is a bobsled?

A bobsled is lighter than a wooden sled. It is suitable for little snow and has some additional features, such as brakes and a steering wheel.

What is a snow sled?

This is the cheapest and lightest version of a sled. Its size (seat and handle) makes it particularly easy to transport and space-saving.

Which sled is the most robust?

The most robust is a wooden sled. This can withstand a lot and can be used for several years. If you rarely sled, you can also use a bobsled. However, this usually lasts only 2 winters.

How fast does a sled go?

A sled can reach up to 50 km / h. In order to guarantee safe sledding fun, the safety instructions should be followed.

What length for a wooden sled?

If 1 person is to ride on a sled, a length of at least 90 cm is recommended. For 2 people, the length should be at least 110 cm.

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