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The 4 Best Nic Ball Tracks – Guidebook

The 4 Best Nic Ball Tracks – Guidebook

Ball tracks from Nic offer a great play option for young and old. You are offered different sizes and models. In addition, your child is promoted in terms of motor skills and coordination and Nic also pays attention to high quality and workmanship.

You can find all the important criteria and information in our checklist and the product recommendations below will also help you with the selection.

Checklist Nic Ball Tracks

  • Many Nic ball tracks are suitable for ages as young as 10 months.
  • There are no small parts that can be swallowed. Nevertheless, there is a risk of injury to the throat for toddlers under 10 months.
  • Your child should already be able to consciously do something with the balls and be able to move them.
  • Somewhat larger models are only suitable from 2.5 years. In any case, pay attention to the minimum age of your model.
Marble Run
  • Make sure that the design of your Nic marble run is age-appropriate. For example, rounded corners are advantageous so that your child can not hurt himself.
  • The number of tracks varies depending on the model. A good simple model should have at least 5-6 tracks to provide some fun. Higher ball tracks can also have well over 10 raceways. However, be careful not to overwhelm your child with too much complexity.
Running Parts
  • Although balls are, of course, the most obvious utensils for your child to send down the lanes, there are plenty of other options.
  • Usually, a selection of other figures is already included in the package, such as small cars, running men, ufos or animals.
  • The bright colors of the different running parts train color perception.
  • For practical storage of the running parts, some tracks have a catch tray. If you buy a track without such a tray, consider where the figures could be stored alternatively.
Size and Weight
  • Consider the size of your track. The height of most models is 45, 65 or 125 cm. The track should not be too high for a small child, but easily accessible.
  • The length varies between 65 and 67 cm, the width between 15 and 16 cm.
  • The weight of the different tracks varies between 3 and 12.2 kg.
  • The ball tracks are made of wood. Nic attaches great importance to sustainability and pollutant-free toys. So your child will not be exposed to toxins while playing. If you buy ball tracks from another manufacturer, pay attention to this.
  • A high-quality finish of the wood guarantees many years of fun with your Nic marble run.

Recommendable Nic Marble Run

We have compiled the best and most interesting Nic ball tracks.

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The Best Sellers Of Nic Ball Tracks

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular Nic ball tracks for you.

Tip: Memory games are always popular with children.

Current Offers Of Nic Ball Tracks

You can find the best current offers on Nic ball tracks in this list.

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Girl Let's Pray and Give Thanks
Girl Let's Pray and Give Thanks
Stinson, Nic Lynn (Author); English (Publication Language); 380 Pages - 02/19/2020 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
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FAQ Nic Ball Tracks

Which marble run should I buy?

There is a wide range of ball tracks to choose from. We have compiled the best and most popular ball tracks from Nic for you on this page. If you have room for a large marble run, your child can still have fun with the marble run for a long time even when standing up. But also smaller models, for example for the table, are great.

From when marble run?

That depends on the model and manufacturer. In general, you should always follow the manufacturer’s age recommendations when buying. Most ball tracks are suitable from the age of 3 years.