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The 8 Best Wooden Games For Toddlers – Guidebook

Wooden games are still very popular among children and parents because they are usually very sturdy and therefore have a high quality. They do not break too quickly and for this reason differ significantly from modern games, which nowadays are largely made of plastic. Therefore, a game made of wood offers a welcome and sustainable change for your child.

What to consider when buying, we keep for you in our checklist. The product recommendations also show you beautiful wooden games that will surely please your child.

Checklist For Wooden Games For Children

  • Wooden games are available for every age group.
  • You can choose between sorting and stacking games, board games, puzzles, learning games, skill games, or indoor/outdoor games. Classic and popular games among children include memory, dominoes, or even Jenga.
  • Since the selection is so large, you can, for example, train the creativity of your child and choose an educationally valuable game. Some games also promote the motor skills of your child. These ensure that your child stays in motion and can playfully let off steam. An example of this is the so-called Viking game or a wooden croquet game for children, with which they have to shoot through small goals.
  • Wood is very robust and durable. It can withstand heavy loads, so it does not matter if your child drops it. As a rule, the game does not break and will last for many years if treated well. You may even be able to give the game to your grandchildren or godchildren later on.
  • A wooden game is also timeless. Even in the past, wooden toys and games were quite popular and will continue to be so in the future, so they can even be resold later if you don’t want to pass the games on to family members.
  • In addition, you protect the environment, since the extraction of wood is very energy-saving.
  • Many children like to put all kinds of things in their mouths during their first years of life, so wood makes a good alternative to rubber or plastic.
  • The game is also easy to clean, as you can wipe it with a standard damp sponge or cloth.
  • You should always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation to make sure that your chosen game is suitable for a toddler. Otherwise, your child could swallow small parts or injure himself on sharp edges.
  • Therefore, look for a seal of quality, which shows you, among other things, how the wood is processed and what overall quality it has.

We have collected the best and most interesting wooden games for toddlers.

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The Best Sellers Of Wooden Games For Toddlers

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular wooden games for toddlers for you.

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Current Offers Of Wooden Games For Toddlers

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FAQ For Wooden Games For Kids

What is a wooden game?

A wooden game is a toy or game that is made of wood. There are many different varieties for all different age groups: Throwing games, board games, skill games, or learning and sorting games are just a few of the possibilities. The sustainability component is particularly good, as no plastic, or at least less plastic, is used for wooden games.

What is the best wooden game?

There are many different wooden games. Which one is the right one for your child, you have to decide yourself. So you should ask yourself what kind of game your child is interested in and cater to his needs. Does he or she like to play outside and romp around? Then you should choose an outdoor wooden game. If, on the other hand, you want to train your child’s dexterity, you can opt for a simple strategy game.

What types of wooden games are there?

Among other things, you can choose between games of skill, educational games or classic board games. However, cater to the needs of your child and also align yourself with his wishes, so that you ultimately all enjoy playing together.

Which wooden game is suitable for my child’s age group?

Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications and a quality seal. This shows you, among other things, how the wood is processed and what age recommendation is given. Some games are only suitable for small children to a limited extent, as they contain many small parts that your child could swallow.

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