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The 15 Best Wooden Toys From Eichhorn – Advisor

The 15 Best Wooden Toys From Eichhorn – Advisor

Wooden toys are still playing at the top despite plastic, rubber, and plush alternatives. This is mainly because the traditional material appeals not only to our visual sense but also to our sense of touch. Eichhorn is the specialist for wooden toys and accordingly offers you an extensive product catalog.

With the help of our checklist, we will help you find your way through the huge selection of offers. Take a look at our product recommendation, where we have compiled the best wooden toys from Eichhorn for you.

Checklist For Wooden Toys From Eichhorn

  • Toy manufacturers have been guaranteeing that toys comply with standards since 1990 by means of the CE mark. These safety standards are legally binding in the EC area. You should also take the age of your child into account when buying. Toys for small children must not contain any parts that can be torn off and swallowed.
Play Possibilities
  • Good wooden toys encourage imagination and fantasy, but your children should not be overwhelmed by toys that are not age-appropriate. On the other hand, toys that under challenge your children will soon become boring. Good toys provide opportunities for environmental experiences. Children perceive their toys with all their senses.
Age-Appropriate Toys
  • Wooden toys are generally not suitable for children under one year of age. From the age of twelve months, colorful building blocks, marble runs, push-and-pull games, a pull-along toy, or learning game sets are available. From about three years, the range of suitable wooden toys is very wide. The farm with animals, the train, or the toolbox is very popular. Fire engines or biplanes can be assembled from wooden parts by the children themselves. For children over the age of six, trickier construction games such as the versatile windmill are a good choice.
Material And Workmanship
  • The wooden toys from Eichhorn are mostly made of high-quality beech wood. This is why many products bear the FSC 100% certificate. In addition, although Eichhorn has international production facilities, the majority of the products are manufactured in Lab in the Bavarian Forest – the actual home of the company. The processing is subject to the strictest guidelines. Design, shape, and color are also important; the toys should appeal positively to the senses.
Environmental Compatibility
  • Eichhorn’s wooden toys are considered to be very sustainable. In terms of environmental compatibility, the material used, the energy input and the environmental impact during production all play a role, as do durability, reusability and problem-free recycling.
  • Eichhorn products bear labels that inform you about the functions and contents of the respective toy. For example, there are toys that promote fine motor skills, while others bring your child into playful contact with numbers and letters. Discovering connections, training the sense of sight or touch are other factors that are labeled.

We have collected the best and most interesting wooden toys from Eichhorn.

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The Best Sellers Of Wooden Toys From Eichhorn

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular wooden toys from Eichhorn for you.

Current Offers Of Wooden Toys From Eichhorn

The best current offers on wooden toys from Eichhorn can be found in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Simba Eichhorn - Wooden 5 Piece Music Set
Simba Eichhorn - Wooden 5 Piece Music Set
Eichhorn - Wooden 5 Piece Music Set; High quality wooden music set; Includes: drum, triangle and Maraca-eggs
$14.99 −33% Amazon Prime

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FAQ About Wooden Toys From Eichhorn

Which wooden toys are the most popular?

The most popular are motor skills and educational toys, building blocks as well as doll houses, marble runs and rocking horses.

What to look for when buying wooden toys?

Harder types of wood are more suitable for toys than softer types of wood. You should also make sure that the surface of the toy is smooth. Additionally, check if the colors of the toy are water based and also water repellent.

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