The “Rules Of The Game” For Facebook

If you have already read the article “What is Facebook?”, you know that you can only use this social network once you are at least 13 years old. You also need to ask your parents for permission.

You are already over 13 years old and you are allowed to use Facebook? Then you should read on. As soon as you register, you agree to the “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”. This long text is a bit complicated. However, anyone who uses Facebook should understand the contents of this statement. Read on to learn more about the following topics:

  • What does the “Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities” say?
  • What is allowed and what is not?
  • Use of Facebook: What do I need to watch out for?

The “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”.

As soon as you use Facebook, you agree to the Statement. In a nutshell, it covers the following topics:

  • your privacy
  • what you need to be aware of when you share information and content with others.
  • your security
  • Requirements for registration.
  • the rights of others
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If you read the following section carefully, you will understand why these issues affect you and are important to you.

Your Privacy

When adults talk about privacy, they mean that they like to keep some things to themselves. It’s better if not every one of your friends knows everything about you. This is especially true if you sometimes get teased. That’s why you should take a look at Facebook’s privacy settings. It’s best to ask your parents for help.

Sharing Information And Content

Please note the options for sharing information and content in the settings menu on the Facebook page. Be aware that although you can delete your account, your pictures, text, and videos can still be shared on the Internet. Your content will no longer appear on Facebook. However, it is possible that photos, videos or texts have already been saved on your PC by one of your friends. Facebook can’t do anything about that either.

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If you use the “public” setting, everyone can see your entire profile. So you can never know who reads your posts and sees your pictures. You should therefore not activate this setting.

Your Security

Facebook employees are committed to keeping you safe. However, you still have some obligations of your own:

  • You do not upload viruses or similar.
  • You do not log in with an account that belongs to another person.
  • You do not intimidate or harass other users.
  • You do not post hate speech. You do not post content in which someone is naked.
  • You also do not post content that contains violence.
  • You abide by the laws of your country and do not use Facebook to defraud other people.
  • You will not assist other users in violating any of these terms.

Registration Requirements And Policies

You are not allowed to create a Facebook account until you are 13 years old. If you register a second time (under a false name), you will be in violation of Facebook’s policies. This could result in your accounts being suspended. You would then no longer be able to access them. Also, if your account is locked, you may not register another account without Facebook’s permission.

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You may only provide truthful information on Facebook. However, please check with your parents before providing your address or phone number.

As you have already read, you are not allowed to enter another person’s account. Also, do not share your own password.

The Rights Of Others

The operators of Facebook expect you to respect the rights of others. This means the following:

  • You do not post anything that violates the rights of others.
  • Facebook may and can remove anything you post that violates any of these terms.
  • If your photos, texts or videos are changed or copied without permission, you must contact Facebook. This means, for example, changing photos to tease others (also called “bullying”).
  • If you change and copy content yourself without permission, your account can be blocked.
  • You may not post any identification or other personal documents. Neither from you nor from other persons.
  • You may not tag other users in photos or text if they do not agree. Tagging means including another person’s name in one of your posts. For example, “I went out for ice cream with Anna Maier today.”
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You can see all the regulations in detail at this link

If something in this article is not clear to you, it is best to go to this link together with your parents.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text:

What does.

  • Declaration of rights and duties

  • social network

  • Privacy

  • tag someone

  • Bullying

2) What rights do you have as a user of Facebook? What are your responsibilities? Write down here what you have remembered.

3) Compare your answer from point 2) with the person sitting next to you. Do you agree?

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