Russia And China Hack Snowden Documents

Russia and China are said to have obtained Hackers Information from the secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The NSA Data Snowden secured during his time as an employee of U.S. intelligence contains explosive data about, among other things Agents Britain’s overseas operations.

Britain Withdraws Agents From Russia And China

In response to the report in the Sunday Times, a British newspaper, Britain is withdrawing its agents from Russia and China because it is no longer certain whether their names will appear in the secret Snowden documents. This would mean that these people, who covert working in Russia and China would no longer be safe. If the governments of Russia and China were able to expose the agents, they would face life imprisonment and might go to jail for the rest of their lives.

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Edward Snowden: The Man The USA Trembles Before

Edward Snowden first worked for the U.S. Secret Service and later for the NSA CIA and later worked for the NSA- Both intelligence agencies have vast amounts of secret data that should never be released to the public, as it contains information about the surveillance of other governments and innocent citizens around the world, which of course is actually forbidden. Snowden copied this data and fled the U.S. all the way to Russia, where his Asylum has and will not be extradited. If he were to return to the U.S., he would be immediately arrested and likely imprisoned for life. Snowden had given the data to Journalists handed over and wanted the truth about the prohibited operations of the U.S. intelligence agencies to come out to the public.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Hackers are computer specialists who use the Internet to dial into other computers in order to steal documents and information from them or simply to paralyze the other computer.

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The NSA (stands for “National Security Agency”)is a secret service of the USA- just like the CIA (stands for “Central Intelligence Agency”), whereas the CIA is more responsible for foreign countries and the NSA is more responsible for domestic countries.

A secret service is an organization of a country, which is responsible for the acquisition of information. This information is usually very important and therefore often secret.

An Agent is an employee of an intelligence service who often works under a false name (i.e. covertly) abroad and obtains information for the intelligence service there.

If someone is allowed to live in another country, then he has their Asylum. For example, many people have asylum in Germany because they have to fear for their lives in their country because there is war there.

A Journalist is someone who works and writes for a newspaper.

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