Russian Space Freighter Out Of Control

In space, a Russian Space freighter spacecraft has gone out of control and is now likely to crash into the Earth. At the moment, this space freighter is orbiting the Earth at a distance of 400 kilometers. Its task was actually to take care of the astronauts who are currently on the Space Station ISS are.

Problems Already After The Start

On Tuesday, the space freighter was launched on Earth. He should bring new food for the astronauts because they have to eat and drink something there in space. But soon after the launch, there were the first problems with the space freighter. For reasons unknown so far, it took a completely different path than had been planned before. On Earth, in the control room, many technicians tried to fix this problem and to bring the freighter back in the right direction by radio. But unfortunately, they did not succeed.

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Space Freighter Will Crash

Because of these problems, it is now certain that the space freighter will crash. Experts have calculated that this month it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere and then crash towards Earth. This means that some debris from this freighter will hit somewhere on Earth. But there won’t be many, because most of them will burn up before that. But the astronauts are not at risk if they don’t get supplies now. At the moment they still have enough on their space station and a new space compartment will be prepared soon to try again to reach the space station. So far this has always worked out very well and there have never been big problems before.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

A Space freighter is an unmanned supply spacecraft. These transporters have the task of supplying astronauts in space with food and tools, as well as many other important things. A space freighter cannot be reused.

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The ISS space station also called the International Space Station, is a station in space and astronauts live there. They do a lot of research from here. The ISS is a joint project of the USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

The Earth’s atmosphere is a delicate shell of gas and dust that surrounds the Earth. It contains oxygen, for example, which is absolutely necessary for breathing here on Earth.

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