Safety Begins Within Your Own Four Walls

Especially if you have children in the family, you should pay attention to a safe environment within your own four walls. After all, child accidents within your own living space are preventable.

Everyone wants their own home to be safe. But in many cases, simply buying a burglar-proof front door is not enough to protect yourself and your family. Security often starts at the points where you hardly expect it yourself. For example, when young children become mobile, they are exposed to the first dangers in their own home and can suffer accidents with sometimes serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to minimize the dangers for everyone.

Safety For The Children

Many parents believe that the greatest risk of accidents for children is road traffic. In fact, however, 60 percent of accidents occur in the home Household. Typical causes include falls, burns and suffocation.

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However, many dangers can be easily avoided. For example, sharp edges can be provided with special protection so that little ones do not seriously injure themselves in the event of a fall. Electrical outlets should be secured and cleaning supplies should be stored in a well-locked cabinet.

There are lockable handles for windows so that children cannot open them. The key should not be left lying around carelessly, even if you don’t trust the children to unlock the door. They often try it for a long time and if the key is broken, it will be difficult to open the window again.

Sometimes it is only Little things that are overlooked. For example, you should not leave your hot Coffee cup where the small child can reach it. The delicate Children’s skin is so sensitive that the hot beverage can cause scalding can cause scalds that leave scars forever.

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Even your own pet can pose a danger to children. Especially younger children up to 5 years are affected. These do not yet relate well to the animal and so conflicts can arise that lead to a bite or a blow with the paw. Even a mild bite can result in inflammation that requires medical treatment.

Therefore, younger children should not be left alone with the animal without supervision. In addition, it is important to make children aware that animals are not cuddly toys, but living beings with their own will and needs.

Smoke Detectors As Lifesavers

Every room in the house should have Smoke detectors should be installed in every room of the house warn. The danger of not noticing a fire is particularly great at night, because because you don’t notice the smoke in time while you are asleep.

When small children notice smoke they often hide. It is therefore important to Children about how to behave in an emergency. So it is important that they tell their parents or another adult quickly if they notice smoke Or another adult quickly if they notice smoke.

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Older children should already know the emergency number 112. It is best if the number is clearly visible right next to the Phone is clearly visible. Immediately after the call, everyone should leave the the house as quickly as possible without gathering valuables or their favorite toys.

Even older children panic in the event of a fire and may not know what to do how to behave. On a piece of paper next to the telephone or near the front door the individual steps can be briefly indicated as an aid to thinking.

Protection From Burglars

Another danger in one’s own House can come from the outside. Only rarely is a burglar’s Life in danger, because they usually only want to make their prey. But the feeling alone that a stranger is rummaging through all the things in one’s own house is scary.

A reliable locksmith in case of need helps not only to open doors, but also to lock them in such a way that the burglars have a hard time. After all, the thief wants to get to his loot quickly and does not want to spend a long time at the door or window.

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A survey of burglars has shown that they do not spend more than five minutes at the entrance to the house. The best way to find out about home security options is to contact a locksmith in the area.

Not only fast, but burglars want to be inconspicuous, which is why visible alarm systems often often already deter. Most burglars also do not want to encounter a barking Dog and avoid such properties. Professional burglars on the other hand, do not care if a dog guards the house. Here it can unfortunately that the animal is tranquilized with a poisoned bait, before the perpetrator tries to pick the lock.

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