Safety In The Car For Children: This Is What You Should Pay Attention To

Take safety in the car for children seriously, because even when braking lightly, a lot can happen to your children if it is not secured according to regulations. Of course, it is not always easy to make the smaller offspring understand how important it is. Some don’t think it’s a big deal, enjoy the car ride, and even fall asleep during it. Others, however, find buckling up in child seats simply constricting, because you are hindered in your usual freedom of movement. Unfortunately, you may not take this into account and should in any case give priority to safety in the car. For longer car trips, it is recommended that you take a break every two hours to get some fresh air and let your little ones run around a bit. What else you should pay attention to so that the child seats are safe enough, read here.

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The Right Size Of A Child Seat Is Crucial

So that the safety in the car for children is really given, you should not pay attention to the design of the child seat when deciding to buy, but whether it is really suitable for the child. Therefore, take your child and also the corresponding car, where the car seat is to be intrigued at the purchase. So you can test different car seats on the spot and make the right choice. Also, pay attention to the test mark. This indicates the state of the art and that the child car seat has official approval.

For babies who still have to be transported lying down, there are specially designed stroller attachments on the market. These can be securely fastened to the back seat and your child can also be strapped into the attachment with the safety belts. Leave your baby in it for the entire ride for safety and don’t put it on your lap.

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Further, you can also purchase car seats in shell form for children up to 10 kg (group 0). In such a car seat your child will take a half lying and half-sitting position. If you notice that the baby car seat becomes too small for your child, you should not wait long and buy a new suitable car seat.

Generally, there are a variety of child seats and options. Ideally, a good research and comparison is important. Especially when it comes to function and fit in terms of weight and safety.

The Back Seat Is The Safest

If you are traveling alone and you want to keep your baby insight, you can usually attach the infant carrier to the front passenger seat against the direction of travel. However, only if your car does not have a passenger airbag or has a device to deactivate it.

However, the seats on the back seat are more appropriate and, in addition to the appropriate seat, provide better safety in the car for children.

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In addition to the safety instructions, there are of course also regulations in the attachment of the seats. Here you will find general information on this.

For older children, so-called booster seats are sufficient, which sit on the back seat. These are appropriate for the correct belt guidance with the child.

Tips And Advice

  • Keep your child in the car seat for the entire trip.
  • Make sure the car seat is the appropriate size.
  • Replace the car seat if it becomes too small.
  • Your child should ride in the back seat in the car seat.
  • Always look for the ECE approval mark.

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