Safety In The Children’s Room Must Always Be An Issue

Safety in the children’s room is a topic that always occupies parents, or should always occupy them. Actually, it already starts with the announcement that “you become parents”. From this moment, most parents-to-be start planning the children’s room. A very important matter, because in most cases the children’s room is not only a place where the child will sleep but also a room where he will play and gain his first experiences in his still young life.

Safety In Children’s Furniture Is Important

Safety in children’s furniture is a top priority for the vast majority of parents. Around 95% of all parents surveyed state that this is a particular focus. After all, cases in which a child falls off the changing table are not uncommon. When it comes to the crib, too, a lot of emphasis is placed on appropriate safety. Here, parents pay particular attention to the fact that the distance between the rungs is not too far apart, and in the other case is too narrow, because otherwise, a child can also injure himself here.

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The Right Lighting In The Children’s Room Is Very Important

Of course, the right lighting in the children’s room is also a factor that is very important and wants to be well thought out. But the main focus here should not only be that there is also enough lighting and the room is bright. Rather, a lot of emphases should also be placed here on the necessary safety. Children want to and will explore everything and especially with light sources many dangers lurk. For this reason, we have spoken with an expert who explains exactly what things must be paid attention to when it comes to lighting in the children’s room.

Parents’ Compass: Hello Sonja from Minicatwalk. It’s great that you took the time to talk to us.

Sonja from Minicatwalk: Hello, no problem. It’s clear that I stand by you for such an important topic with advice and give you a few important tips.

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Elternkompass: What should you look out for when it comes to lighting in your child’s room?

Sonja von Minicatwalk: Well, first of all, it has to be said that the right lighting depends not only on the individual character of the child but also on its age. Especially with newborns, the eyes are still very sensitive. Therefore, care should be taken here that there is no bright and direct light irradiation for the baby.

Elternkompass: I see. But as time goes on, the requirements for lighting and, above all, safety for children change. I’m thinking primarily of the time when the little ones start crawling.

Sonja from Minicatwalk: Yes, that’s right. Certainly, the requirements change. Actually faster than you think. And that’s exactly why you should really think about it a long time before. This is especially true from the moment the little ones then sleep in their own bed for the first time. It is important to leave a dim light on at night. A room that is completely dark can be quite frightening for the child if it wakes up at night. The ideal solution here is to provide a night light for the children so that they can recognize the familiar surroundings more easily.
Elternkompass: And what should you look for in a nightlight?

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Sonja von Minicatwalk: First and foremost, it should be child-friendly. That means that children should be able to switch such a light on or off themselves later on.

Elternkompass: Okay, I see. But surely that’s not all?

Sonja von Minicatwalk: Oh no, certainly not. Above all, of course, care should be taken to ensure proper safety. LED lights without any cables are best. This would already eliminate a major source of danger. Then the lamp should emit a soothing and warm light so that the child feels comfortable. It is also important to pay attention to the material used. Of course, there are also very cheap lamps that look really cute, but then simply can also contain toxic materials. This, of course, should be avoided. Ideal are such night lights, which are operated with batteries. Here, however, you should make sure that the children can not open the battery compartment. Such lamps, however, you can also look at the site There is a wide selection of beautiful and especially safe lighting for the nursery.

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Elternkompass: Thank you very much, dear Sonja from Minicatwalk. You helped us a lot with this interview and gave us important tips and information.

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