Save Money On Your Grocery Budget By Ordering Fresh Meat In Bulk

Most people who like to save money know that you get a discount when you buy in bulk. That is what stores like Costco, Sams Club and BJ’s are designed to do. But buying meat in bulk is a little more difficult.

Save Money On Your Grocery Budget By Ordering Fresh Meat In Bulk

A few years ago, I started ordering chicken in bulk from Zaycon Fresh. They sell it by the case, directly from the farm. It has never been frozen and there are no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.

A case of chicken is about 40 lbs of meat. That’s a lot of chicken! So my husband had to buy a vacuum sealer so we could package it up and freeze it. We have a second fridge in our garage that has a freezer full of chicken.

That’s my freezer full of chicken below. We just put the vacuum sealed bags back in the box we picked it up in and put it all in the freezer.

Save Money On Your Grocery Budget By Ordering Fresh Meat In Bulk

You can also marinate the meat with your favorite marinade or dressing before vaccuum sealing, to lock in those flavors.

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The initial purchase is higher than you might normally spend on chicken (or other meats), but when you consider you only spend that much every 6 months or so, it definitely makes sense. It also makes meal planning easier when you know you already have meat in your freezer.

Just remember to pull it out of the freezer in time to thaw for dinner!

Save Money On Your Grocery Budget By Ordering Fresh Meat In Bulk

The process was really easy. I ordered and pair online and chose a pick up location near me and date/time that was doable. I drove into the parking lot of the location and pulled up by the truck. I didn’t have to even get out of my car (which was great because I had my kids in their carseats). I gave them my name and they loaded the chicken in the back of my car. Then I headed home – it couldn’t have been easier.

Zaycon Fresh also has other meats such as salmon, ribs and bacon. I love bacon but 36 lbs might be too much for my family of four. But, I could ask a friend to split it with me…

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Sales are year round, but each meat is only available at certain times. They now have a yearly calendar here for their sales so you can plan ahead and stock up.

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