Sayings For School Enrollment: Discover Now The Creative World Of Congratulations

You are looking for beautiful and wise or funny and creative sayings for the first day of school? With us you will find what you are looking for.

In our article we present you a compilation of many poems and quotes from famous personalities mixed with some rhymes that we have made ourselves.

In addition, we give you basic tips on how to best use these sayings. Get inspired.

When The Start Of School Is Just Around The Corner

No, how fast time flies. Weren’t you just wrapping your offspring in diapers?

And now he’s proudly standing in front of you with a big school bag, grinning cheekily at you, and can hardly wait to finally become something like an “adult”. School begins – a very important stage of life!

This day is of course something very special for your child and you. Accordingly, it should be celebrated with dignity. On the above-mentioned school bag, some poetry would not be wrong.

Alternatively, you can write your favorite saying for the first day of school on or in a card or recite it orally.

Well, first of all, you have to find the right back-to-school sayings, don’t you? In our guide, you will find a successful selection of poetic and profound poems and quotes, but also a number of funny rhymes that will make you smile, laugh, and scream.

What would you like for yourself or your child?

Tip: Some of the more profound sayings for the first day of school are probably still difficult for your six- or seven-year-old child to understand.

But with time, your offspring will certainly understand the respective statement. We recommend using such sayings in such a way that they can get a nice place somewhere in the children’s room so that they remain in the “field of vision” for many years.

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And at some point, your girl or boy may approach you about the quote and be thrilled by the clever, instructive content.

But now into the wild proverbs around the start of school!

Sayings For The Start Of School

Classic Back-To-School Sayings From Great Writers And Poets

So one resolution is: That man must learn something. Not alone the ABC brings man to the heights. A sensible being does not practice writing and reading alone. Man should not only make an effort in arithmetic. But also the teachings of wisdom must be heard with pleasure.

Wilhelm Busch (from Max and Moritz, 4th prank)

It is highly enjoyable and instructive for everyone when he can see or hear all kinds of stories.

Wilhelm Busch

What jubilation, what joy, for your great day is today, because school, dear child, is finally beginning for you, too! You will now pass the time with arithmetic, reading and writing. These are the things you need for your whole life. Only those who learn become more clever. Who is clever, who comes further.Learning should give you joy and my congratulations accompany you.

Friedrich Morgenroth

Nothing in life except health and virtue is more valuable than knowledge and wisdom.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you know something, claim that you know it. And if you don’t know something, admit that you don’t know it. That is knowledge.


Man learn, learn, ask, ask. And do not be ashamed to learn and ask.


We learn not for school,but for life.


Restlessly you must strive forward, never stand still tired,if you want to see perfection; you must unfold into the width, if your world is to be formed;you must climb into the depth, if the essence is to show itself to you. Only perseverance leads to the goal,only fullness leads to clarity, and truth dwells in the abyss.

Friedrich Schiller

Patience and diligence, and I am convinced that I will achieve everything I want.

Leo Tolstoy

Wonder is a longing for knowledge.

Thomas Aquinas

Everything is in the making, everything is childhood.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Creative Sayings For School Enrollment From Writers And Us

You must understand! Make one into ten, And let two go, And make three equal, So you are rich. Lose the four! Out of five and six, so says the witch, Make seven and eight, So it is done: And nine is one, And ten is none, That is the witch’s multiplication table!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Scene in the witch’s kitchen from Faust I)

Extra 1: How To Create Your Own Back-To-School Sayings

You can also become a poet yourself. Would you like to invent your own funny and beautiful sayings for your daughter’s or son’s first day at school? Then just try it out.

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With our short guide, you will soon be able to create your own great children’s sayings in rhyme or without rhymes.

First of all, a few words of encouragement, basic information and tips on creating sayings:

In principle, there are no rules. That means you can create any saying you like – just as you like it. Of course, there are recommendations that will help you to achieve a harmonious, well-sounding poem. More about this shortly.

The words you choose, as well as the overall message, should first and foremost fit the theme (the start of school), but also your child in particular. Then, if a bit of your personality speaks from it, the back-to-school saying is perfect.

Instruction 1: Write A Funny Four-Line Rhyme

1. Step: First of all, think about the introductory line. You are completely free to do so.

Example: “School Is Fun”.

2. Step: Then, ponder what could rhyme with the last word of your introductory line, i.e., “fun”.

Tip: You can also look for help online – there are many sites that will show you words that rhyme with your desired term. Examples:

Words that rhyme with fun include glass, bars, grass, and so on.

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3. Step: Think about which word fits best in the context. We think “grass” is the most appropriate.

4. Step: Then just let your creativity flow. Surely a nice second line will come to your mind very quickly, especially if you don’t think about it too tense.

Example: “Like Jumping Through The Grass”.

5. Step: Now your mind may again think freely about what word combination could form the third line.

Example: “You Learn Arithmetic, Reading, Writing”.

6. Step: Now all that’s missing is a conclusion. The last word of the fourth line should again rhyme with the last word of line 3, i.e. “writing”. Possible rhymes at a glance:

  • Stay
  • Rub
  • Drift

7. Step: Make the last line with the word you decided on.

Example: “And Get Into Mischief With Your Classmates”.

So, overall, our little four-line example poem reads:

“School is fun like jumping through the grass”. “You learn arithmetic, reading, writing”. “Get into mischief with your classmates”.

Tip: When rhyming, always make sure that the line lengths or the syllable lengths of the individual lines harmonize with each other. They don’t necessarily have to be the same length, but they shouldn’t sound bumpy when you speak them.

Instruction 2: Write Profound Sayings For Children

If you would rather create more profound sayings than congratulations on starting school, the first and most important step is always to develop an idea of a “story” that you would like to tell with the poem.

Example: “Your Road Can Sometimes Be Rocky, But I’m Always Here For You”.

You follow this motto when you think of several lines that relate to the theme. By the way, the lines in this case do not necessarily have to rhyme. On the contrary, poems often sound more profound when they are not forced into rhyme.

Our example to the above motto:

“You will experience and experience beautiful things, sometimes you will also encounter obstacles, challenges that will make you stronger and will show you, again and again, that you can rely on two people: your mother and, above all, yourself”.

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Dare! You too are capable of writing funny or profound sayings for school enrollment.

Extra 2: Create A Love Message For Your First Day At School

Instead of a poem, of course, simple children’s sayings are also suitable to wish your offspring all the best for the upcoming time. Here are some ideas for congratulations on starting school in the overview:

  • Congratulations on starting school. From now on you belong to the big ones!
  • Always remember that you were, are and will always be special. All the best for the start of your school adventure!
  • Best wishes for the start of school, dear child. We are incredibly proud of you!

How To Beautifully Display The Back To School Saying

At the beginning of our article, we already mentioned a few ways in which you could “place” the chosen saying. Here is an (extended) overview of the options that are available to you:

  • Write a back-to-school saying on/in a matching greeting card.
  • Scribble a congratulatory message on a school cone.
  • Recite a school day saying orally.

Tip: A particularly creative variant is to choose one (or even more) of the more poetic sayings and write it beautifully on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper. You can then elegantly frame this wisely inscribed sheet and hang it on the wall of your child’s room after the big first-day-of-school party. In this way, the words will become long-lasting companions for your offspring and they will gradually learn what these sayings mean, what they stand for.

Write Large And Legibly

Regardless of how you utilize the sayings for school enrollment, that is, where you perpetuate them in some way: Write the words as large and clearly as possible, at best even completely in capital letters.

In this way, you ensure that your child will be able to spell and read the text himself in the foreseeable future.


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