Search Engines For You As A Child

Have you ever used a search engine? If yes, then you probably already know what a search engine is exactly. If no, then you should know the following:

Search engines are pages on the Internet where you can search for various topics on the Internet. The search engine creates a list of websites that match your search topic. If you are an animal fan, for example, you could enter “elephant” in the search line and be surprised which websites match the topic. If you have found an entry in this list of results that interests you, you can click to go directly to the page.

Not all search engines are suitable for children. Because you do not yet know as much as an adult, it can happen that you reach pages that are not intended for you.

Children’s Search Engines Protect You And Your Parents

The Internet is like a huge, second world behind the screen. There you can find information about anything that interests you. However, this great thing is not completely harmless. Because the Internet has its own set of rules. This is also the reason why websites are not always designed optimally for you as a child.

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Unfortunately, it can happen very quickly that you buy something on the Internet without realizing it. It only takes a few clicks to cost your parents a lot of money. To be able to explore the Internet in a relaxed way, you should therefore only stay on children’s sites and children’s search engines.

Another danger is advertising on the Internet. On some sites, you can’t help but unintentionally click on an advertising banner. That’s how full of advertising the Internet is. The problem is actually not the ads themselves (although they are quite annoying). But the pages you get to via clicking on the ads are almost always meant to sell you something. That can’t happen to you either if you use a child search engine.

Besides unintentionally buying programs or goods, unwanted software is also a problem. By software, we mean all kinds of computer programs. The fact is that there is also software that you don’t even know about. These programs spy on Internet users and send information to other people. It gets really bad when passwords are cracked by this malicious software and passed on. Surely, you can already imagine that children’s search engines and children’s sites will prevent you from this as well.

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The Best Children’s Search Engines

As you have already learned, children’s search engines are a great invention. They make surfing the Internet a lot more fun, because the things described above won’t happen to you. It is also pleasant for your parents if you surf safely on pages that are suitable for you. For this purpose, we recommend the following children’s search engines.

This search engine with the name of a popular children’s game has been around for a very long time. It is one of the first search engines for children in German language. The special feature of are the many great functions like a separate web for Turkish children or the offer of funny games. This makes Blinde Kuh more than just a children’s search engine.

This homepage is very similar to the search engine Blinde Kuh. It’s also great that you can find a special kids chat on the page. You can also comment on news and articles and share your opinion with other children.

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You can also find a safe children’s search engine under this name. As with all search engines, you will find a search field where you can enter the desired search topic. In addition, there is an exciting surf tip and a video for you every day. Above all, however, we like the fact that this site is completely free of advertising, which makes it especially recommendable.

Tip: Set up a homepage together with your parents! This will appear every time you access the Internet. This way you can start right away without having to search for your favorite children’s site. By the way, the program you use to access the Internet is called a browser. A suitable start page can be our portal at or one of the search engines mentioned above. In our article about children’s chats you can find even more good children’s sites that you might like.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.
What does…

  • Search engine
  • Software
  • Browser
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2) Why should you surf only on children’s sites and search engines?

3) Go to one of the children’s search engines mentioned in the text and search for your favorite animal. How many results does the search return? Write down the result here.

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