Self-Driving Cars May Be The Future

There is more and more talk about the car of the future, and especially about self-driving cars. In a survey, there was now an astonishing result because every third of the respondents would drive such a car.

What Is A Self-Driving Car?

A self-driving car is a vehicle that is controlled completely on its own. So like a Robot you have to imagine it. You simply sit in the car and let yourself be driven. You don’t have to steer, you don’t have to shift gears in the car, you don’t have to accelerate. Just sit in it and let it go. In such a car you could then Laptop work, make a phone call, read a book, just to give you a few examples. The car does everything all by itself.

Several Companies Are Working On Such A Car

Meanwhile, several companies are working on the construction of such a car. Sure, you can’t buy them yet, but maybe in a few years, they will be ready in Germany. There are even plans to build a test track for such cars in Germany soon. There, it would be possible to test how it all works. This test track is to be built on the A9 autobahn. This highway runs from Munich to Berlin or from Berlin to Munich, and a section in Bavaria is planned for the test. Many experts believe that with such cars, driving will be safer and as a result, there will be fewer accidents. The Internet company Google is also working on such a car.

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One In Three Would Drive Such A Car

The Association Bitcom has had a survey done on this topic. In this survey, 1,011 people aged 14 and over were asked whether they would drive such a car. One in three would do so, with most of the respondents being younger people. Women would also prefer to drive such a car, whereas most men are not so enthusiastic about it.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

As Robot is the term used to describe a technical apparatus created to take mechanical work away from humans. A robot is controlled by a computer program.

A Laptop or notebook is a portable PC. The term laptop is derived from the English language and means something like “on the lap” or modified lap computer.

The Association Bitcom is the industry association of the German information and telecommunications sector. This association was founded in Berlin in 1999 and, among other things, promotes computer-implemented inventions.

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